New Recycling Spot

Recycling Recycling!

Remember when we had pick up for our recyclable items, when for $1.00 a week we put our recyclable items out on the curb and they were picked up and carried away?????

COVID-19 took care of that. ????

Hickory Cove found a solution!  We started sharing the responsibility by offering to take our neighbor’s items when we went to the Landfill.  This has developed into a pick up for everyone on Hickory Cove even to the point of using a resident’s truck to haul all the recyclable items to the Landfill. 

Could this happen on your street?  Maybe you are willing to take your own and include that of a few neighbors.  The Green Committee would like to see this happen; please contact them if you need any advice on setting up a recycling community..  Consider this activity for your street!

--The Green Committee