Walk the Golf Course Trails !

story by Cindy Westley, photos by Mary Rouse

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A few years ago Sunnyside bought 54 acres from the Lakeview Golf Course (formerly the 9-hole Springs course).  The paved and gravel paths through the fairways are still there and traverse peaceful woods, streams, and open fields.  

To celebrate National Trails Day, the Sunnyside Green Committee sponsored a walk on the Golf Course Trails on June 5th. Chaplain Pat led us through a blessing of the trails, and Galen Moses provided an introduction on Trail Safety.  Andy Sale led us on a walk on the trails, discussing the water ways that flow through our area and the need to protect the riparian area (wetland areas next to streams) and highlighting the flowers, trees, and invasive plants.

The Green Committee created Guidelines for trail use that are in a brochure along with a map.  These were shared along with maps of the golf course trails.  Tom Harkins created a drone video overview of the trails.  Check this and other info on the Green Committee's “Go Green” app on Touchdown.  The Vitality Center has walking poles and weighted vests that can be borrowed and brochures about the trails.  Stop by to learn more!