Sunny Treasures Christmas Sale!


Christmas Sale!

A Wonderful Success!

A big thank you to Betty Lawrence and all of the helper elves for all the work to get ready for Sunny Treasure’s Christmas Sale! Christmas items are donated all year, and Betty stores them in her garage. She and her helpers refresh items, price them, and then plan and execute the Christmas Sale each fall. Between the Christmas items in the Sunnyside Room and in the Bistro Basement, Sunny Treasures made over $1,000, which is just amazing considering the sale was limited to residents and staff! Here are some of the Santa shoppers who came to the sale:

Christmas items not sold last weekend have either been donated to a local charity or have been moved to the Bistro Basement, where they are on sale for ½ price from now until Christmas. (Just go in the side door of the basement between 8 and 4 each day and look at what is for sale and leave money in the Honor Box in the small cage there.)

--Kay Stilwell