Sunny Treasures Furniture is Still Open!

When I just can’t stand to stay in one more minute, I head to the Sunny Treasures Furniture Shop.  This delightful place is always open from 8 to 4 Monday through Friday for self-service shopping.  (The “till” is in the cage.)  Today, these are the treasures that caught my eye.  There are a lot more treasures to be had.  Such as:

  1. My Gramma had one of these, only it was white. Sure wish I had room for it now.
  2. Well, my Mother had a pair of these.  Always felt special using them.
  3. If this doesn’t sell really soon, it will be gracing my pie safe!
  4. What a perfect pot for some homemade chicken soup!
  5. Table too large?  This delightful little table seats four.
  6. Soft, comfy chairs.  Perfect for afternoon tea.  Well, coffee, if you insist!

Hope to see you there!