Tech Forum

The Tech Forum (aka Technology Committee):

Current activities include:

  1. Virtual Reality Like the TechZone, the testing and development of a virtual reality capability for use at Sunnyside has been interrupted by the Coronavirus. We want to resume when practical, but given the fact that the headset is a close contact device, it is likely not feasible until/unless there is a vaccine or other means of ensuring safety.
  2. Technology Club Presentations We are using Zoom video conferencing and channel 971 during the lockdown.. We have been conducting training on using Zoom. We have acquired a monthly subscription (@$15/mo) that allows us more control and longer meetings. We are also looking to train residents on the use of TeamViewer to support our ability to provide computer support to residents remotely.
  3. Sunnyside Times Website. We are in the process of redeveloping the Sunnyside Times website to increase our capabilities and reduce much of our maintenance burden.
  4. Sunnyside Times Unplugged. We create and distribute a paper extract of portions of the web version of the Sunnyside Times for residents that for whatever reason don't have access to a computer or just prefer a paper copy.
  5. Sunnyside Times Presents. We support a bi-weekly presentation on Channel 971 of content taken from the website as well as other topics of relevance to residents.
  6. Geek Squad We provide a variety of computer support to residents with their computers. This includes installing hardware or software, dealing with scams, assisting with email problems, etc.
  7. Electronics Recycling We accept used electronics and refurbish or recycle it on behalf of residents.

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