Resident Council Minutes - August 23, 2019

SUNNYSIDE RESIDENT COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES August 16, 2019 ATTENDEES: Officers: Tom Harkins, President Bill Compton, Vice President Marianne Hinkle, Secretary Sally Meeth, Treasurer Carolyn Arbuckle, Past President Highlands: Sue Barranco, Chairman Frank Huffman, Vice Chairman Ann Foltz, Secretary Shirley McCue, Representative Steve Barranco, Representative Village: Charlie Scott, Chairman Don Oxley, Vice Chairman Bill Marlowe, Secretary Jackie Gerrard, Treasurer Joanne Bell, Representative Eiland: Gini Reese, Representative Pannill: Richard Williams, Representative Communications: Jim Kellett, Chairman Christmas Fund: Jim Stilwell, Chairman Green: Bill Dent, Chairman Neighbors: Frances Sale, Chairman Sunny Treasures: Kay Stilwell, Chairman Administration: Josh Lyons, Executive Director Absent *Report on File

Call to Order The meeting was called to order at 10 AM by President Tom Harkins who opened with a prayer.

Minutes The minutes of the May 17, 2019 meeting were approved.

Financial Report Treasurer Sally Meeth reported a balance of $10,125.01 in the Employee Christmas Fund. Reinstalling the Christmas Fund collection box, which was removed during the renovations, has been completed.

Old Business Jack Broaddus gave an update on the progress of finding a new CEO. He said a lot of applications have been received and the process of vetting resumes has begun. Once that is completed a list of candidates will be sent to the Sunnyside Communities Board to decide which ones to interview. Tom stated that the company of Clifton, Allen and Larson has been hired to conduct the search. They have received input from the staffs and presidents of the Resident Councils of each of the three Sunnyside Communities as to what they and residents would want in a CEO. This will be incorporated into the documents the search committee will use. This should happen by October and candidates chosen should be visiting the communities by December.

Tom gave an update on the Emergency Preparedness Committee progress. They are in the process of developing a plan which includes having residents who are leaders to contact residents to check on their situations and making a list of supplies/items that residents should have on hand for emergency situations. They will meet again in September and as soon as the information is ready will have a meeting with residents to explain the plan. Josh stated that they are trying to create a better system for caring for IL residents in emergencies.

New Business

Since the Council has moved its meeting location to the Bethesda Theater, Tom explained the new seating arrangement and use of the microphones. He asked if there were any questions and would appreciate feedback from members. He also noted that it was being broadcast and the question was asked if it had been publicized. Tom said it had not but that it would be done in the future.

An update was given on the Sunnyside Communities Campus Meeting. Tom noted that the first meeting will be here on Monday, November 4th and then meetings will rotate. It will be more of a show and tell type of program with tours of renovated areas and perhaps some homes. Lunch will be in the Bistro. Resident Council Executive Committee members will help to plan the meeting. Sometime the first week in September, Executive Committee Council Members will meet to start on plans.

Bill Dent was approved by Council as Chairman of the Green Committee. Tom invited Bill who was present to sit at the table with committee chairs.

Tom presented the idea of an additional committee to be part of the Council. This committee would be designated as “The Strategic Planning Group” and could communicate with the Sunnyside Corporate Board through the Resident Council and Administration. It would be composed of residents with expertise in this area. It would involve adding another member to the council which would then total 24 people. The bylaws would also need to be changed. Tom asked members to think about it.

The question was asked if broadcasts of the meeting would be continued and Tom stated that they would unless there was some great reason for not doing so. He is also waiting on feed back to see how it is received. Tom stated that meetings could be recorded and a secretary would not need to take minutes. A discussion began regarding the pros and cons of this possibility.

Tom noted that there were some questions regarding the current Sunnyside Disclosure Statement. The CFO will come to the “Coffee with Josh” on August 21st to discuss the concerns related to stock gains and losses. There are also some questions regarding capital outlay he will discuss.

Association Reports

Village Charlie Scott reported that a survey had been sent to members related to communications and programs for the meetings. Ten have been received to date and he is hoping for additional returns. The agenda for the September 6th meeting will include a discussion of campus maintenance projects, how they are budgeted and how this affects the financial stability of Sunnyside. Josh Lyons, Jack Broaddus and Ken Boward will address these issues. Charlie is seeking ways to enhance the communication among members. Minutes of the meetings will be available for residents at the reception desks. He has asked for Jack Broaddus and Sunnyside Corporate Board Members to attend the meetings and mingle with association members.

Highlands Sue Barranco reported there were five new residents in the Highlands and a couple moved to AL. JMU Students had given a presentation on Virtual Reality. There were some questions about renovation items. The double doors from the Market Place Dining Room to the Blue Ridge Room had been changed to a single door making it difficult for people to enter. Josh said this would be corrected. It was brought to Josh’s attention that there was a problem with the front door keys not working. Josh said it was a keying mistake on the contractors end and he would look into it. Eventually the doors will automatically lock at night and residents will have a key fob to use. Information for this will be distributed as soon as the process is complete. The mailbox situation is close to being completed as soon as the proper locks are installed.

Eiland Gini Reese stated that the roll-away bulletin boards in the dining room can now be used for posting information about the documentary meetings she is having. They are held on Saturday morning and she invited other residents to attend the meetings. Ann Foltz of the CIC Committee is working on a plan to get more AL residents to attend lunches with the Highlands residents and likewise get Highlands residents to join AL residents for lunch in the AL dining room. She is also proposing a dessert social in the Bethesda Theater in October or November and will try to get a bus load from the Highlands to join in the social. Gini is working on the menu for the Sunnyside Communities meeting.

Pannill Tiffany Hewitt was substituting for Richard Williams and reported that Health Care had been taking two to three outings a month and is much in need of a new handicapped bus since the current bus is 20 years old. The nursing students from JMU, EMU, BRCC and MTC will be returning in the fall. Therapeutic music has been added during dinner or after dinner twice a month and is provided by a musician trained by Virginia Bethune. Additional wider beds (42”) have been ordered due to the positive feedback on the first ones ordered. A new Wellness Diet offing healthier options has been added with a special symbol for easy identification on the menu. RMH has Pannill Center as only 1 of 4 skilled nursing facilities with whom to work closely. **

Committee Reports

Communications Jim Kellett reported that Ann Foltz and Charles Scott have joined the committee and the group now meets weekly to discuss information issues and monitor the progress of communication efforts on campus. Several CIC members have been working with Sunnyside management to get the audio and video distribution services functional. This is still a work in progress**.

Sunny Treasures Kay Stilwell reported that the committee is preparing for the fall Festival of Trees as well as Christmas. They have lots of furniture to sell also.

Green Bill Dent reported that they are focused on the health of our trees and on maintaining our campus as a green space which includes managing the forest behind Grattan Price Drive to ensure longevity of trees. They relay concerns of residents about gardens and plantings to the administration. Providing a safe, accessible outdoor garden space for residents in AL and HC has been on their agenda. They are also reviewing the need to replace the climate control system in the greenhouse and insist residents take responsibility for the plants they place there**.

Christmas Fund Jim Stilwell reported that the committee will begin actively promoting the fund with letters to residents in October. They will have a planning meeting in September.

Neighbors Frances Sale was absent. No report was submitted.

Executive Report Josh said that it was good to have space for staff to attend Council Meetings as they may need to hear what is said if something is a concern for their particular area of responsibility. The Highlands renovation is in the final stages which is mostly behind the scenes work. He said the last piece of the buildings automation system controls are being adjusted which allows the controls for heat and air conditioning to be adjusted centrally especially in the common areas. More decorative pieces are to be placed if and where needed.

The new parking lots are mostly open but the upper lot will be closed during the Wellness Center construction. The light poles are going up and the contractor is fixing mistakes. Crosswalks need to be made more visible and spaces for residents and visitors need to be organized.

Josh said the new position for a Food and Beverage Director has been advertised. It does not replace or eliminate anyone since it is a new position. The position will work at improving independent living dining options on campus as well as assist with dining operation at the Highlands. He hopes to get someone on board to help with planning for the remodel in the dining areas and will include focus groups. Future plans include looking at redoing the outside of the Highlands perhaps updating with some different materials.

Member Concerns Tom said that Council would continue to meet in the Bethesda Theater. Questions would not be taken from the audience since they could give input to their Council Representative. He also asked members to consider whether the Resident Council is too large (currently 23 members) and where, if necessary, reductions can be made.

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 11:25 a.m.

Future Meeting Dates Executive Committee – November 1, 2019 First Floor Administrative Conference Room 10:00 A.M. Resident Council – November 15, 2019 BETHESDA THEATER - 10:00 A.M.