Resident Council Minutes February 21, 2020

February 21, 2020



Tom Harkins, President
Ralph Allen, Vice President
Marianne Hinkle, Secretary
Sally Meeth, Treasurer
Carolyn Arbuckle, Past President


Sue Barranco, Chairman
Frank Lambert, Vice Chirman
Ann Foltz, Secretary
Shirley McCue, Representative
Steve Barranco, Representative


Charlie Scott, Chairman
Don Oxley, Vice Chairman
Bill Marlowe, Secretary
Jackie Gerrard, Treasurer
Joanne Bell, Representative


Gini Reese, Representative


Richard Williams, Representative
Tiffany Hewitt, Representative


Bill Dent, Green
Jim Stilwell, Christmas Fund
Frances Sale, Neighbors
Gina Holden, Sunny Treasures
Jim Kellett, Communications


Josh Lyons, Executive Director

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 10 AM by President Tom Harkins who opened with a prayer.


The minutes of the November 15, 2019 meeting were approved as presented.

Financial Report

Treasurer Sally Meeth reported a balance of $6,743.03 in the Employee Christmas Fund. This includes gifts from Dec., Jan., Feb., the leftover balance from 2019 and unclaimed money.

Old Business

- Tom gave an update on the Ad-hoc Planning and Development Liaison Committee which is looking into better methods for gathering resident information and ideas, communicating them through the Resident Council to the corporate office and board of trustees and facilitating communication of that information back to residents. It is planned to request that the chairperson of this committee be permitted to attend the Regional Advisory Board Meetings. Discussion followed regarding who the members of the Ad-hoc Planning and Liaison Committee were and how they were selected. Tom stated they were selected because of their many years of expertise in the areas that would help in planning and development for the Sunnyside Community. The size of the group was kept small to facilitate in its initial organizational stage. It was noted that the ad-hoc committee is currently in the "getting organized stage" There will be a full progress report presented by the ad-hoc committee, at the May Resident Council Meeting.
The annual review of the Resident Council Treasurer's Books was completed and a report was submitted that the books were in good order.
- Tom gave a brief update on the Emergency Action Procedures that have taken place on the Sunnyside Campus to date. Emergency lighting in the villa stairwells, emergency lights for the cottages has been distributed a well as printed and laminated procedures for IL residents to post in their homes and procedures for staff members. Plans for drills to rehearse the procedures are being made and will be carried out this summer.
The office of State Senator Emmett Hanger has responded to a request from Sunnyside to attend a town hall style meeting. Senator Hanger would be able to come sometime after the General Assembly closes on March 7th. This would be in late March or April. Layna Erney is coordinating this with his office. In the future more local and state representatives will be invited to speak. It was asked if plans had been made as to how to prepare questions as well as other aspects of the presentation. Tom said that it would be looked into prior to the event.
- As an update on the search for a Sunnyside Executive Director, Josh stated that the Jeff Harrison Company is in charge of advertising for applicants through several processes and when a pool of potential candidates has been narrowed down to a select few, resident representatives and staff will be included in a meet and greet type of arrangement not an interview or rating procedure.
- Ralph Allen said in working on improving information flow to and from residents with corporate, that he had checked with other similar communities and they all had a method for communication flow although it varied in the methods. At some point this committee or some members would merge with the ad-hoc Planning and Development Liaison Committee.

New Business

- Josh provided an update on the search for a Sunnyside Executive Director. He stated that the Jeff Harrison Associates, based in North Carolina, is in charge of advertising for applicants through several processes and when a pool of potential candidates has been narrowed down to select few, resident representatives will be included in a "meet and greet" portion of the search/selection process. Additionally, Josh commented that the Executive Director search now included a search for a new Executive Director of Kings Grant , to replace Tom Fitzgibbons, who suddenly resigned his position.
- Gina Holden was approved a Chairperson of Sunny Treasures.
- Colleen Cahill-Landis was elected to serve as Secretary of the Resident Council for a two-year term.
- The proposed distribution of funds totaling $28,400 from Sunny Treasures to the various activities on campus was approved.
- Don Oxley gave an update on using virtual reality not only for AL and HC but for IL as well. He said they are training volunteers from Independent Living with the help of JMU students in this field, to assist Life Enrichment- Coordinators in Healthcare and Assisted Living use this technology, since they already have a crowded schedule. The JMU students will help build materials on how to work with someone using virtual reality. This would be for use in the Bethel Room and Bistro. He hopes to be able to demonstrate the technology in those areas in the near future and needs volunteers to assist in getting information out to residents.
- Tom reported that he has been notified by the President of the Resident Council at Summit Square that they will host the "Annual Sunnyside Sister Communities" gathering on October 23, 2020. There will be more information forthcoming on this planned event.
Tom stated that insurance companies are questioning the liability that comes with using the voice activated technology. These devices such as Google Home and the Amazon Echo can record conversations that may contain private medical information. This would pertain especially to HC and AL. Leading Age Virginia says CCRCs should issue policies, procedures and training for these devices and consider having a signed release noting that private medical information could be recorded for other uses. Josh said that liability insurance could be affected so a policy is needed for HC and AL.
Tom started a discussion regarding the so called "Green Dot" release form that residents sign with regard to medical information and other matters considered privacy matters. Sunnyside has one form for a resident to sign with regard to the release of information. The receptionists keep this in a rolodex for quick access and if the form has been signed a "green dot" is placed by the name. It would be helpful if residents could be reminded and made aware of this so they could check to see if they have signed a form.

Association Reports


- Sue Barranco said that the Highlands has mostly some 1-bedroom apartments empty. The association will elect new officers on March 6th at the 2:00 p.m. meeting. Tom asked if he could attend and give an update on RC items.


- Charlie Scott said that the association would meet on March 6th at 2:00 in the Bethesda Theater. Robin Golliday would give a presentation on the Touchtown App as a way of keeping residents informed. Last meeting the Sunnyside Times presented. The theme is to present ways of enhancing communication.


- Gini Reese stated that AL has had 11 TED Talks or Documentaries presented on Saturdays when there are no other activities. Gini has written 5 story items with photos for the Sunnyside Times. She and Ann Foltz are working to keep Highlands Residents and Al Residents dinning together occasionally. They are planning a flower show for spring. A Zentangle LLI class will be taught in the arts and craft room in March.


- Tiffany Hewitt reported that JMU, Blue Ridge and Massanutten Vo-Tech students are returning. Sunnyside will be starting a nurse-aide course and Karen Riley has obtained a grant with BRCC to offer an Advanced CNA course. Sunnyside will be sending two CNAs. Sunnyside has implemented the federally regulated Trauma-Informed Care and Infection Policy which states that there is to be an infection control specialist on duty. Sunnyside Employees will be attending a table-top exercise in Fishersville next week to help with facility preparedness and community networking. Employees will also be attending the Emergency Preparedness Academy in Harrisonburg next month. The Adopt-a-grandparent/Sunny buddies are two programs utilizing JMU Students and Sunnyside IL Residents as visitors for HC residents. They are paired using a questionnaire.

Committee Reports


- Ann Foltz gave the report in Jim Kellett's absence. She said that at the February meeting, the green dot procedure was discussed noting that publicizing this to residents would be a good idea. Tom discussed the privacy concern related to voice activated devices, especially in AL and HC. He also talked about the ad-hoc Planning and Development Committee and how it would work. Ralph Allen discussed the flow of communication and how it could be improved. She noted that the Committee meets the second Friday of the month in the Bistro and that minutes are posted in the Sunnyside Times.

Sunny Treasures

- Gina Holden reported that $35,000 had been given towards the renovation of the Sunnyside Room. They still need to complete the decorating with artwork. An area for resident artists to display their work is being considered. She asked that folks who are donating to Sunny Treasures should place their items in the Bistro Basement and not in the hallway by the kiln room. A yard sale and furniture sale are planned for May 2nd in the Bistro Basement.
Employee Christmas Fund - Jim Stilwell reported that last year four letters were sent to residents as a reminder to donate to the fund and residents responded generously contributing $113,000 to be given to 368 employees. This year the value of one share was $130 and employees hired after October 1, 2019 received $50.


- Bill Dent reported that the committee had sponsored a presentation by Charles Hendricks entitled "Living in the Future: Minimizing your Environmental Footprint". Currently the committee is publicizing opportunities residents can use to make this a cleaner, healthier world beginning with things that can be done on the Sunnyside Campus. Meetings are open to all who are interested in participating or observing on the first Wednesday of the month at 10:00 a.m. in the Massanutten Room in the Highlands.


- Frances Sale reported that since January 2019 there have been 51 new residents matched with 41 established residents. A tour of Harrisonburg and the area will be March 10, 2020. Program members met on February 18 to hear Michael Caplinger, Sunnyside Grounds Maintenance Director, speak on how he assists residents with landscaping and grounds requests. The committee is planning a dessert for new residents and their Neighbors on March 16 in the Bistro at 2:00 p.m.

Executive Report

Josh said that he is spending some time learning Jack Broaddus's job and still being at Sunnyside. Sunnyside is also in the process of hiring an executive director for Kings Grant. Josh said that he would like his directors to be more involved in RC Meetings, so they can handle the areas that pertain to them until a new executive director is in place. Many staff directors were in attendance at this meeting. He introduced Jason Boggs, the new director of Environmental Services. He mentioned that currently three staff members were participating in the Administrators in Training Program. He stated that a new executive director for the Sunnyside Campus should be in place by the May meeting. In the meantime, he and an Interim Director will handle the day to day business for a while.

Member Concerns

Gini Reese mentioned the fact that the large print library books were heavy and hard to keep open. She wondered if more paperback books could be found. Tom Harkins mentioned the fact that some AL residents would like to be included in IL activities but don't get the Funside so they can see them. A discussion followed and Annie said she would look into the matter along with Layna and the Life Enrichment staff and report back. Sue Barranco mentioned that residents at the Highlands would like the birthday list put back in the Funside. There was a brief discussion about focus groups and how they operated.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 p.m.
Future Meeting Dates
Executive Committee - APRIL 30, 2020
First Floor Administrative Conference Room -10:00 A.M.
Resident Council - MAY 15, 2020
10:00 A.M.