Resident Council Minutes November 23, 2019

November 15, 2019



Tom Harkins, President*
Ralph Allen, Vice President
Marianne Hinkle, Secretary
Sally Meeth, Treasurer
Carolyn Arbuckle, Past President


Sue Barranco, Chairman*
Frank Lambert, Vice Chairman
Ann Foltz, Secretary
Shirley McCue, Representative
Steve Barranco, Representive*


Charlie Scott, Chairman
Don Oxley, Vice Chairman
Bill Marlowe, Secretary
Jackie Gerrard, Treasurer
Joanne Bell, Representative


Gini Reese, Representative*


Richard Williams, Representative*
Tiffany Hewitt, Representative**
Committees: Bill Dent, Green
Jim Stilwell, Christmas Fund* **
Frances Sale, Neighbors**
Kay Stilwell, Sunny Treasures* **
Jim Kellett, Communications


Josh Lyons, Executive Director

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 10 AM by Vice President Ralph Allen who opened with a prayer.


The minutes of the August 16, 2019 meeting were approved.

Financial Report

Sally Meeth reported a balance of $73,758.85 in the Employee Christmas Fund. She said that more money is needed to meet or surpass last years total of $105,000.

Old Business

Ralph gave a brief intro as to how members of Resident Council fit into the meaning of the "Spirit of Sunnyside" which is mentioned in the Resident Council Bylaws. He noted that the word "spirit" had a wide range of definitions and a wide range of interpretations by the Sunnyside Community. He said that "community" had the definition of "a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common, a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of common interests and goals". As the council continues its work, it should think of finding the best ways to support the Sunnyside Community. He noted that in his investigation of "spirit" he discovered that the staff is trained and evaluated on "SHINE" which is Service before self, Hospitality with heart, Inspiring excellence in each other, Nothing less than the best and Enjoy your journey.
Ralph stated that an official letter had not yet been received from the Sunnyside Corporate Board of Directors related to the boards decision on including a Sunnyside Resident on the board.
He reported that the "Sister Communities Meeting" was enjoyed by all those who attended and he thanked all residents that attended and socialized with the guests from Kings Grant and Summit Square. It will be held at Summit Square in 2020.

New Business

It was decided to hold new business until after committee reports to allow time for needed discussion of new business topics. (For the purpose of these minutes it is listed in the normal order.)
Josh Lyons updated members as to why Sunnyside provides IL residents with low dose flu vaccine as opposed to high dose which is received by healthcare and assisted living residents. Because IL residents are more likely to be exposed to the B virus strain, they are given the low dose which contains more antibodies to prevent the B virus whereas the AL and HC are more likely to come in contact with the A virus and the high dose contains more to prevent the A type. Also, the side effects can vary for both types. The decision on which type to use is based on data supplied by the Center for Disease Control and the order has to be placed a year in advance.
Don Oxley presented an update on the Club room which is the former Apartment #4 in the 6-pack. It has been renovated and is currently being used by the technology group. They are using it for virtual reality involvement with residents. It could also be used as a resident engagement space. As the apartments become empty, they can be used for a variety of other things that build more community engagements, such as arts and crafts, ping pong, etc. Don also noted that beginning December 14, the Sunnyside Times will have one password for everyone. This will be Sunny. Remembering a password has been the biggest complaint he has received so to simplify logging on the word Sunny will be used by all. Council and Association members should get the word out.
Ralph stated that a reorganization of the Resident Council involves changes to the bylaws and that a copy of the proposed change had been previously distributed by e-mail. The question remains that is the Council too large too accomplish effectively its agenda. Members were reminded that the council has no power. Its role is communication and this is accomplished by bringing information from residents and taking information back. Currently Council has 23 members and they were reminded that a group of six or seven is more effective at accomplishing goals. It was noted that it is hard to find representatives from AL and HC so it is proposed that the administrator be one of the representatives. Tiffany said that she does talk with Richard Williams about the report for RC and also for the HC residents meeting.
It was also noted that there is a need for committees and associations to develop a method for better communication between council representatives and their respective groups and residents. It was decided by a motion from Charlie Scott to appoint an ad hoc committee to take a more in depth look at the issues and bring the ideas back to the full council. The motion was passed and the following members were appointed: Ralph Allen, Charlie Scott Carolyn Arbuckle, Ann Foltz, Frances Sale and Joanne Bell and Tiffany Hewitt.

Association Reports


- Ann Foltz gave the report in Sue Barranco's absence. The meeting was held October 16th. There have been 13 new residents since April. Tom Harkins attended and explained the work of Resident Council and its committees as well as future proposals. Robin Golliday went over the new safety system for locking and unlocking the entrances so residents would know how to get in after hours. Twenty-four Highlands residents took part in a social held in the Bethesda Theater for Highlands and Assisted Living residents to reconnect.


- Charlie Scott said that the association board will meet November 22nd to discuss the role of the representatives on the association board and if they meet the job description. They are also are looking into who should introduce new residents at the meeting since the Neighbors Program does not want to do it. December 6, is the next meeting. The Sunnyside Singers will be featured on the program along with outstanding refreshments.


- In Gini Reese's absence, there was no report.


- Tiffany Hewitt reported that JMU and BRCC Students have completed another round of clinicals. She is working with the Tech Club on the possible therapeutic uses of virtual reality in the healthcare setting. The therapeutic music program continues twice a month with residents voicing appreciation of dinner and after dinner music. Dementia Friendly Training has begun with the goal in healthcare being to have all staff including nursing, life enrichment, housekeeping, dining and maintenance trained in this program.

Committee Reports


- Jim Kellett reported that information flow within the community have improved with RC initiatives to report to the associations on a regular basis. The popularity of the dining initiative to bring AL and Highlands residents together on a regular basis is increasing. The committee is still trying to figure out ways to involve Highlands Floor Managers and Village Resident Representatives as facilitators in bringing issues to the Resident Council or other methods of solving issues. It was noted that they have seen no progress in improving the audio and video distribution from The Bethesda Theater and Chapel.

Sunny Treasures

- Gina Holden, co-chairman, gave the report for Kay Stilwell. It was noted that Sunny Treasures had given $35,000 toward the renovation of the Sunnyside Room. Furniture sales continue every first Saturday of the month. The annual Christmas Sale is scheduled for November 20th for staff and employees and November 21st and 22nd for the public. A new picture hanging system for the wall outside of Sunny Treasures has been installed for displaying some of the many pictures for sale and could be used for resident art exhibits.

Employee Christmas Fund

- The secretary read the report for Jim Stilwell who was absent. It was noted that the deadline for contributions is December 1st so that distribution to employees can be made on December 13th at their luncheon. The report also reminded us that the fund is to thank employees since there is a no tipping policy.


- Bill Dent reported that the biannual Adopt-A-Highway pickup, that was suspended due to road work, had now resumed. The committee supported the recent Festival of Trees on November 2nd. A survey to look at the condition of semi-public gardens on campus has begun as some need to be restored or returned to lawn space. Josh said that some residents want to participate in landscaping so ideas for the continued upkeep of these areas is being discussed. Residents don't know who is responsible for certain areas. The committee needs to communicate with the responsible resident and see how that person wants to continue the upkeep. The committee is looking into ways to make landscape training available to staff and grounds crew. This would be designed to improve skills and add qualifications to their resumes. The committee has encouraged the administration to upgrade the heating equipment for the greenhouse. Rules for residents use of the greenhouse have been posted and residents must be responsible for the care of their plants in the cold months. Discussions with Josh regarding use of the new property and landscaping around the new Wellness Center have been held. They are bringing a local architect, for a presentation on solar power, to the Bethesda Theater in January.


- Frances Sale reported that 40 new residents had been matched with 37 established residents since January 2019. Five new residents were introduced at the September Village Association meeting. A second tour of Harrisonburg was offered in October and program members met in August to hear Meredith Breeden, volunteer coordinator, talk about how she introduces new residents to volunteer opportunities. Other staff members are being invited to explain their area of operation. Program members will meet in November to hear Steve Ray, Food and Beverage Director at the Highlands. New residents since the last Village Association meeting will be introduced at the December meeting.

Executive Report

Dementia Friends Training is being offered for residents and staff and will be held in the Highlands. Leading Age of Virginia is promoting this training for everyone. Thirty-five are attending and include off campus organizations, Sunnyside Staff and residents. Training is occurring all over the state. After training, individuals are Dementia Friendly Certified and can train others. This is an effort to promote awareness of dementia.
The new wellness center is progressing and is expected to be completed in 11 months. Karen Riley gave a presentation at the last Coffee with Josh on the high dose vs. low-dose flu vaccine. Projects for 2020 include updates to the Bethesda Theater, AL and Lakeview dining areas, as well as increasing the memory care. Deciding where this is to be constructed is in the works since it needs to be connected to the current area. Architects are currently looking at this. Josh said he will be at the next Village Association meeting to address topics of concern and how they are being addressed. Currently audio-visual concerns are being addressed. Some were corrected in the recent renovation of the Sunnyside Room. Steve Ray was recently hired as Food and Beverage Director for the Highlands. Renovations to the Tartan Grill and Marketplace are planned for 2020. Focus groups will be formed to give ideas. Let Robin Golliday know if you would like to serve on one. There will be from 16-20 in a group. Open forums will also be held.
Josh said he would like for his staff to be more involved in meetings as he cannot be at all meetings all of the time. It also lets them know if there is a way they can be involved.

Member Concerns

None were mentioned.


['The meeting was adjourned at 12 noon.']
Future Meeting Dates
Executive Committee - February 7, 2020
First Floor Administrative Conference Room
10:00 A.M.
Resident Council - February 21, 2020
10:00 A.M.