Dear Sunnyside Independent Living Residents:

We are sure that every resident on the Sunnyside campus is fully aware of the destruction that the COVID-19 virus is wrecking upon the world.  It has changed, maybe forever, life as we have known if for over the past 100 years.  Worldwide, many, many peoples have lost jobs and loved ones to the virus, and the Sunnyside community has felt its direct impact.  We have experienced change, and restrictions as the most effective means of confronting this deadly virus.  However, we are not alone.

Residents of Life Plan communities like ours could not function in this environment without a caring staff like ours.  Every resident that we have spoken to over the past weeks tell us the same thing, “just how lucky at times like this that we have a dedicated and caring staff looking out for our safety and wellbeing.”  Many have commented that, “it is comforting to know that we can reside safely in our nests because the Sunnyside staff is on guard protecting us.”

We, as resident leaders, feel a need to show the Sunnyside Staff our appreciation.  An easy and effective way to immediately express our thanks for what they are doing is to make signs of encouragement and gratitude that can be displayed for all staff to see on the storage shed walls as they are medically screened entering the campus. 

We have coordinated with Annie Shaffer, Wellness Director in this effort.  Large blank paper and poster templates will be available for village residents in the Corson Lobby entryway for residents to pick-up, create/color and return.  This poster station will be setup between the Corson Lobby sliding doors. Highlands residents can pick-up and return posters at Highlands first floor elevator lobby. 

A word of caution.  Please do not enter either lobby during this process.  Once residents return the completed posters to the Corson Lobby entryway and the Highlands elevator lobby, staff will pick them up and arrange to display them near the storage sheds for all employees to view and enjoy prior to each work shift. 

Thank you for your help and support and remember, at the current time “Social Distancing” is the most effective way to stay safe.

Tom Harkins, President, Resident Council Charlie Scott, Chairman, Village Association Sue Barranco, Chairman, Highlands Association