Sunnyside Times

The Sunnyside Times is managed and maintained by Sunnyside Residents.  There are several subgroups that participate in the creation, management, and maintenance of the web site.  Everyone is encouraged to join in the fun and help make the site a premier facility dedicated to serving all residents.  

Meetings generally occur on Monday mornings at 10:30 with different teams meeting on different weeks.  In some cases additional meetings are scheduled on an ad hoc basis.  Most of the time, those meetings adjourn to the Grill to share a lunch together.  

The various teams and their responsibilities are:

The Web Team

This is a (poorly named) team responsible for the overall management and direction of the site.  Membership is open to everyone, though there is an assumption that members will contribute in some way to the development and maintenance of the site.  Everyone is also encouraged to visit and learn more during any meeting.  Don Oxley is the team leader.

The Writing and Photography Team

This group is responsible for creating the actual published original content on the web.  Members work together to decide on what stories are to be created, to do the work involved in creating the stories and then following through the editing process to see the published result.  Several residents have also taken on the responsibility of writing a blog on some subject of interest to them.  Anyone with interests in writing, interviewing,  photography, poetry, and editing is encouraged to consider joining and sharing their talents.  Linda Bradley is the team leader.

The Outreach Team

This group is responsible for working with residents to help them take advantage of the web site.   The includes things like advertising new and interesting features, holding training or help sessions to assist residents in using the site, working with groups  at Sunnyside to encourage them to develop their own presence on the site, or anything else that might help ensure the success of the site.  Audrey Calomino is the team leader.

The Technical Team

This group does the behind the scenes work to maintain and operate the physical website.  This includes assisting the writing team in posting new material on the site,  maintaining the photography library and preparing new photos for publication,  maintaining user registration and providing passwords for new users,  overseeing the daily backups of the site, and addressing any issues with the web hosting company.  Don Oxley is the team leader.