Welcome Back to the Gray-Haired Tech

Many residents in the Computer Club will recall the interesting and entertaining presentations about our digital world some years ago by Ron Doyle, then known as “DoubleClick” in his weekly column in the Daily News Record.  We really missed his regular talks after he moved to Richmond for another job.

Well, the good news is he’s back!  Now with a new nom de plume, “The Gray-Haired Tech”, that matches not only his gray beard, but our Sunnyside community!  Ron’s now doing IT work here in Harrisonburg and will be returning to the Sunnyside campus to inform and entertain, starting with an April 20 presentation on Channel 971 at 2:00 PM.  He’ll be a regular speaker on the third Tuesdays of the month, first on 971 and eventually, we hope, back in person when/if the pandemic situation allows.

Meanwhile, enjoy his weekly column in the DNR, and check out his website at https://grayhaired.tech/.