Christmas In August at the Woodworkers’ Shop !

--by Kat Marlowe, photo by Mary Rouse
Plans are already in motion for the Sunnyside community woodworkers to start working on the annual Cradles and Dolls for the Salvation Army’s Christmas Toy program. For this long-standing, resident-led program, the woodworkers make the cradles and other residents and staff paint and decorate the cradles, purchase the dolls, and make blankets for the babies. It is a wonderful outreach opportunity for the Sunnyside community, and everyone involved enjoys this heartwarming project.

However, this year, the sources for free or inexpensive wood have dried up, and the price of wood has escalated. If you are interested in supporting this project by donating money to purchase the wood and other supplies needed for the cradles, please contact Sally Meeth (8533) or Kat Marlowe (8894). We thank you!