A Journey Around the Campus

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By Jim Hogan - Photos by Mary Rouse 

With all the changes we are currently experiencing, it is refreshing to have the opportunity to walk around the campus here at Sunnyside. Yesterday my wife, Barbara, and I took our customary walk around part of the campus. It was a beautiful day to sample the pleasant sights and smells. One only has to look at the yellow daffodils and the vibrant yellow color to know nature is coming alive. The trees and some of the bushes are showing their first signs of awakening from the long winter months.

We hope all our mobile residents take advantage of touring our campus and be refreshed by the magnitude of nature coming alive. More importantly, we met many residents in the streets and the walking paths. We were out for less than 30 minutes and were fortunate to meet and talk with twelve residents. We met people who were at the exercise locations along the walking path, at the benches relaxing in the sunshine, at the large pond, and walking the campus. It was good to be able to share our experiences and concerns.

Although we have some restrictions, all of us can get out and move about and to experience the best of life amid magnificent surroundings. We hope to meet more people as we continue to walk.