The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is in the news daily (and often hourly). We want to provide you with helpful links and updates, so please check this space regularly. You all know the drill – wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds, supplement with sanitizing liquid outside the home, don’t shake hands, avoid crowds, maintain a 6’ distance from others, etc. If you have a fever, chills, or cough, call the Clinic (8211) immediately. IMPORTANT: when traveling from Sunnyside, please sign out online or by calling 8200 or 8201 and list the states, countries, airlines/airports you will be traveling through. On your return, check in with the Clinic (8211).

Current Updates from Sunnyside:

All volunteering activities have been suspended until further notice. (See Bryce Strawderman (8216) if you have any questions.)

Large outside groups are being discouraged from performing or meeting on campus. The Celebration Singers Concert on Sunday has been cancelled. (Check your email, Channel 970, or call Layna Erney (8241) for information on this.)

Please do not visit residents in Health Care if you are not feeling well. Consider calling them on the phone or sending them a cheerful card instead!

Where can you find helpful information?

There is one website in particular that Karen Riley, Administrator of Health Services, recommends for the most up-to-date and accurate information: This site is at Johns Hopkins University and not only provides current statistics worldwide in the U.S., but also has a number of very informative podcasts that will answer many of your questions. Just scroll down to the bottom of the JHU home screen to see the list of available podcasts.

A second very helpful website is

We will provide links here to critical documents, letters, memos from Sunnyside administration as they are received. Or you can go directly to Sunnyside Resident Apps and click on the ALERT button for additional information.

Please direct any questions to Cathy Shifflett (8211) or Karen Riley (8301).