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COVID-19 Information

Last Updated: November 16, 12:30 PM The COVID-19 is in the news daily (and often hourly). You all know the drill – wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds, supplement with sanitizing liquid outside the home, don’t shake hands, avoid crowds, maintain a 6’ distance from others, wear a mask when outside of your residence, etc. If you have a fever, chills, or cough, call the Clinic (8211) immediately.  Please check this space regularly for up-to-date links and helpful information. Updates will be highlighted in bold red print.   STAFF APPRECIATION Support your Sunnyside employees by making encouraging posters for staff to see as they enter the campus and report to work.  Poster paper and templates are available at the HL 1st Floor Elevator Lobby for HL residents and in Corson Lobby entryway for Village residents.  Please return the completed posters to these same locations.  Small bags of side-walk chalk are also available in these locations for you to use to create inspiring pictures and messages for neighbors and staff as you wish and feel safe to do so.  Now is a great time to put your donation in the Christmas Fund!  Deposit boxes are located in the Corson Lobby for Village residents and the Highlands Lobby for Highlands residents. December 2 is the deadline for this year’s giving. To Top of Page   SCAM ALERTS The federal government has been sending stimulus money by check or bank deposit to many of us.  Here are a few really important things to know: The government will not ask you to pay anything up front to get this money.  NO FEES.  NO CHARGES. The government will not call to ask for your Social Security Number, bank account, or credit card number.  Anyone who does is a SCAMMER. For more information, click here: There are also many other COVID-related scams that are circulating.  Please check the ALERT button on Resident Apps for updates on these scams, plus an informative video presentation by the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office. To Top of Page   DINING The Market Place is now open for breakfast and lunch for Highlands residents only.  Breakfast is served from 8:00am to 9:30am and lunch from 11:30am to 1:00pm.   Dinner is still delivered to resident rooms.  Residents on self-isolation still have all meals delivered to their rooms. Independent living residents may order lunch or dinner  from the Tartan Grill Monday-Friday. Call the Tartan Grill (8794) for the meal options and to place your order.  Daily options are also on the Res Apps Dining Menu. IL residents must pick up meals in the foyer to the 1912 Bistro (12:30pm for lunch, 5:15pm for dinner); home delivery is no longer available.  See Resident Apps/Alerts for more information. To Top of Page   GROCERIES Sunnyside offers a list of grocery items that can be ordered through the Highlands front desk and delivered to you.  Go to Quick Links/Dining Menus/Groceries for the list of grocery items and directions for ordering. You can also access this list on Channel 970 or visit Resident Apps/Dining Menus. Limit outside shopping trips to once every two weeks if possible. Take advantage of direct online ordering and pick-up or delivery options.  Use the special shopping hours for seniors at the following stores: Aldi's- Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30am-9:30am Costco- Monday-Friday, 9am-10am Food Lion- Monday and Wednesday, 7am-8am Kroger- Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 7am-8am Martins- Every day from 6am-7am Sharp Shopper- Tuesday and Friday, 7am-8am Target- Tuesday and Wednesday, 8am-9am Walmart Port Republic Rd- Tuesday, 6am-7am To Top of Page   HOUSEKEEPING Resident housekeeping services has resumed, using the same schedule as before.  External housekeeping services are not allowed on campus at this time.  If you need carpet cleaning, please contact environmental services. To Top of Page   LEAVING THE CAMPUS Leave the campus only for essential activities (groceries or medical reasons) and wear a mask or some other facial covering.  You will be screened and your temperature will be checked when you return. Click on  this YouTube link to see the US Surgeon General Jerome Adams demonstrate how to make your own no-sew mask in less than a minute! If you must travel beyond the local area, please sign out online or by calling 8200 or 8201 and list the states, countries, airlines/airports you will be traveling through. On your return, check in with the Clinic (8211). To Top of Page   MAIL DELIVERY AND PAYING BILLS Village residents are now allowed limited access to the Highlands.  You must wear a mask at all times in the building.  After signing in the breezeway and taking your temperature at the automatic machine by the lobby entrance doors you can enter the lobby to pick up your mail. Pay your SS bill by putting your payment in the locked box on the brick column in front of the Highlands.  You are encouraged to arrange for automatic online payment of your bill. Drop on-campus mail in a basket on a bench inside the breezeways at the Highlands and the Eiland Center.  If you plan to have items delivered to the campus, please call the reception desk at least one week ahead. to allow time to complete the screening with the vendor and arrange for any assistance you may need from staff. To Top of Page   MEDICAL Please limit your off-campus medical appointments whenever possible.  Tele-medicine appointments are encouraged.  If assistance in setting up a tele-medicine appointment is needed, contact the clinic (8211). If you plan to have someone pick you up for an appointment or to go offsite, please provide 48 hour notice to the staff, preferably on weekdays. Massage services resumed on August 3. Residents from the Village and Glen will have access, by appointment, to the salon. Dr. Steward, podiatrist, will be onsite on August 14 and 28 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. both days. Appointments can be made through the clinic. To Top of Page   PHARMACY  Call the Sunnyside Pharmacy (8249) and let them know your needs. You may transfer medication prescriptions to our pharmacy. The pharmacy also has
Viva and Scott paper towels Toilet paper Facial tissue
Hand sanitizing spray shampoo Conditioner
Bar soap Liquid soap Toothpaste
Thermometers Mouthwash Shaving Cream
Deodarant Aleo gel gloves
Disposable underwear Pads Liners
Distilled water Hearing aid batteries Pulse oximeters
Residents may pick up orders using the door next to the pharmacy; do not use the Pannill Health Care entrance.  Home delivery is no longer available. To Top of Page    RECYCLING GreenEarth no longer collects recycling on the Sunnyside campus.  Here are some other recycling options for you:  The Rockingham County landfill is open Monday-Saturday, 7:00-4:30. The Harrisonburg Recycling Center, 2055 Beery Road is open again for drop off.  Hours: M-F, 8am-4pm, Sat. 8am-Noon. Please use a mask and keep six feet apart.  Harrisonburg City’s mobile recycle unit is open Monday-Thursday from 8:00-12:00 at the following locations.       Monday: Lucy Simms Center, 620 Simms Avenue     Tuesday:  Hillandale Park, 305 South Dogwood Drive     Wednesday:  Park View Mennonite Church, 1600 College Avenue     Thursday:  West Gay Street, parking lot for walking track next to Waterman Elementary To Top of Page   STAFF SAFETY All staff are screened, including temperature checks, before being allowed to enter the campus for work, and they wear masks when interacting with residents.  Please express your thanks for the wonderful care and concern our staff is demonstrating to keep us safe and healthy! To Top of Page   VISITATION Visitation Guidelines--Independent Living Effective November 2, Independent Living residences will be opened for outside GUEST visitation, using the following guidelines:  - In order to manage the flow of traffic and required screening at the gatehouse, appointments for visitation must be made at least 24 hours in advance by calling the receptionist at extension 8200 or 8201 beginning Monday October 26th. Only 4 resident households may schedule for guests to enter per hour.  - Only guests with an appointment will be permitted to enter the campus.  - The hours of visitation will between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Seven days a week. We hope to permit overnight guests at a later stage of reopening.  - Guests should ONLY visit one (1) independent living residence in a 24 hour period.  - When your guest(s) enters the campus, they are to wear a mask at all times. Depending on the circumstances, you or your guests may consider wearing a mask and physical distancing while visiting inside the residence.  - Guests should complete hand hygiene before entering any Sunnyside buildings or dwellings.  - Guests are to follow all posted infection control protocols while on campus.  - Guests are asked to go directly to the independent living home and remain there until they leave the campus.  - Guests are asked to leave promptly and minimize interactions with other residents, staff and/or visitors whenever possible.  - Guests are to avoid common spaces, such as the library and fitness center.  - During this initial phase of visitation, Sunnyside is unable to accommodate guests in the dining room for meals and/or carry-out.  - Outside providers, i.e.: carpet/house-keeping & pet services are not to “visit” to provide services. Guidance for resuming these services is being developed.  - As your guest(s) exits the campus, we ask that they check out at the gate house.  - If a guest develops symptoms of/or is diagnosed with COVID within 14 days of their Sunnyside visit, they should notify you and you alert the clinic.  - For IL resident visitation there are no age restrictions in place; however, please be mindful that younger individuals have been demonstrated to be asymptomatic carriers of COVID, and asymptomatic carriers pose a higher risk for COVID exposure.  - For IL residents that may go off campus and drive a guest to his/her home, an appointment is not necessary. We have already taken resident traffic and screening at the gate into account. ** Failure to follow and respect these guidelines can result in denying the visitation of guests to the campus** Small Group Guidelines If you have a fever or other COVID-19 symptoms (sore throat, headache, cough, shortness of breath, GI upset, loss of taste or smell) stay home and call the Sunnyside Clinic. Anyone with a temperature at or above 100.0 F should not gather with others and must report their temperature to the Sunnyside Clinic immediately. Do not gather with others if you are currently instructed to self-isolate or have had known exposure to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.  - Please limit small group gatherings to outdoor venues at this time. If outdoor gatherings go well, the next step will be to allow small group gatherings indoors.  - Designate a leader of the small group who will help ensure that these guidelines are followed and who will keep a dated, accurate roster of who attends each small group. These rosters may be needed for contact tracing at a later date, if an attendee develops symptoms during 14 days following the gathering.  - Limit group gathering to 15 or less people.  - Stay at least 6 feet apart from others who live outside your household when gathering.  - Wear a mask covering nose and mouth, to, from and during gatherings.  - Always maintain good hand hygiene. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before, after and throughout each gathering.  - A touchless thermometer is available for use at the receptionist desk. Attendees should check their temperature prior to participation to ensure it is below 100.0 F.  - Eating and drinking while gathering in close proximity to others is not advisable, since it requires removal of masks. If you do choose to enjoy food and beverages, please distance while eating. (As we ease into dining in the Highlands, communal dining will not be allowed in the first phases of reopening.)  - Please avoid sharing items such as food utensils, office supplies and materials.  - Please sanitize all surfaces before and after gatherings.  - If you hope to gather in the Lyons Pavilion or in another Sunnyside common area, you must call the front desk at 8200 or 8201 or reserve the space.  - Social gatherings should not include close contact between gathering organizers, staff, and attendees not from the same household. Please contact the clinic at 8211 or 8555 if you have any symptoms or a suspected exposure. To Top of Page   VOLUNTEERING / HOW YOU CAN HELP ALL person-to-person volunteer activity has been discontinued until further notice. Instead, make phone calls or send short notes/cards to those you regularly visit in Assisted Living or Health Care.  Call Bryce Strawderman (8216) if you have any questions. Contact Anita Landes (8225) for ideas to help brighten the day for AL and HC residents. To Top of Page   WELLNESS ACTIVITIES The Sunnyside Wellness Center pool now offers open swim times.  The pool is open Monday through Friday from 12:30 pm to 4:15 pm with 45 minute time slots available.   All residents must:    - be asymptomatic    - wear a mask to and from the pool and anytime out of the water    - maintain social distancing in and out of the pool    - not be on the current self-isolation list Sign up is required, beginning at 10am the week prior.  Call 8200/8201, 8241 or 8276 for more information or to sign up.  See Resident Apps/Alerts for specific details and requirements. Outdoor exercise classes are now being held at the Lyons Pavilion and Granddaddy's Green HL. These outdoor exercise classes are limited to 9 residents (plus instructor makes 10!).  Please adhere to the exercise class guidelines (Do not attend class if you are currently instructed to self-isolate; in addition you must be asymptomatic, wear a mask to and from class, arrive 10 minutes early for a pre-class screening, and exit venue immediately following class).  Other exercise classes will continue to be broadcast on TV channel 971.  Beginning August 24, you may sign up to use fitness equipment in the Corson Wellness Center.  No more than two residents at a time may use the equipment.  Contact the Wellness team for additional information. Our wonderful Sunnyside staff has also been doing amazing work in finding activities to keep us physically, mentally, and emotionally sharp:   On Res Apps:     Click on “Events” to check the weekly schedule of activities that will be televised on Channel 971.     Click on “Games” for a wide variety of games to play.     Click on “Fitness” for a wonderful map of the campus with a one-mile walk outlined. To Top of Page   SUNNYSIDE INFORMATION RESOURCES Here are some Sunnyside “in-house” resources:     Front Desks “0” or 8200 / 8201     Clinic:  8211 or 8555 (for medical questions and coordinating care with doctor’s offices)     Chaplains Jeff:  8229 or 470-0181,  Pat:  8401 or 435-1688      Department Directors     Charlotte Sibold, Executive Director: 8505 FOR SUNNYSIDE COVID-19 UPDATES & PRECAUTIONS, call the Resident and Family Hotline: 568-8607.  This message is updated regularly. Check Channel 970 and the ALERT button on Sunnyside’s Resident Apps for the latest information.  (You can reach “Resident Apps” easily by clicking “Quick Links” on the Sunnyside Times front page.)  Check Channel 971 at 2:00pm on Thursdays for a staff status update. To Top of Page   GETTING CABIN FEVER? Need a good book to read?  The Sunny Treasure's book rack is now located in the breezeway at the Eiland Center and operates on the honor system. Our wonderful Sunnyside staff has been doing amazing work in finding activities to keep us physically, mentally, and emotionally sharp:   On Res Apps:     Click on “Events” to check the weekly schedule of activities that will be televised on Channel 971.     Click on “Games” for a wide variety of games to play.     Click on “Fitness” for a wonderful map of the campus with a one-mile walk outlined. To Top of Page   OTHER HELPFUL INFORMATION Check out for the most up-to-date and accurate information. This site is at Johns Hopkins University and not only provides current statistics in the U.S. and worldwide, but also has a number of very informative podcasts that will answer many of your questions. Just scroll down to the bottom of the JHU home screen to see the list of available podcasts. has Virginia statistics and a state map that is updated daily around noon. has up-to date information on Sentara RMH medical and visitor policies. A very good New York Times article explaining how the disease infects us. You can read it here. Click here to watch this Myth-Buster video by Dr. Seema Yasmin, the Director of Stanford Health Communication Initiative at Stanford University. Dr. Yasmin debunks COVID-19 false information and myths. To Top of Page   Zoom, Face Time and Facebook Messenger Zoom Try and Train will be most Fridays, 10:15am-11:00am.  You can use this link to join at that time: There will also be a Zoom Party every Thursday at 1:00pm.  You can use the link below to join either of these sessions

Every Thursday, at 1:00 pm: Meeting ID 881206708119 Password Sunny

Check the daily Sunnyside Email for any changes or updates to this schedule.  If you have any questions on either of these, please send an email to Colleen Cahill-Landis at 

Sunnyside is also assisting many residents in using Face Time and Facebook Messenger to connect with family members.  If you are interested, please call:     Anita at 568-8225 for Assisted Living     Katrina at 568-8606 for the Terrace     Tiffany Hewitt at 568-8273 for Health Care     Madison Westmoreland at 568-8411 for Independent Living To Top of Page