Golf Cart Tour of New Sunnyside Property Video

On October 22, 2018, Sunnyside Wellness Center Director Annie Shaffer treated Sunnyside residents to golf cart tours of Sunnyside's newly-acquired golf course property.  It was a beautiful sunny day as we left the Highlands building and drove past the villas on Vista Glen Drive to the entrance to Sunnyside's new property.

I was fortunate to have the "shotgun" seat beside Annie.   With my great view, I decided to video the ride with my iPhone so others might experience the tour.

In this video, Annie points out benches Sunnyside has installed at vista points along the path.  She explains that Sunnyside created new gravel paths to connect with existing paths to create a loop.

The ride was a little bumpy - we held on tightly to the cart!  At one point Annie's clipboard bounced out of the cart which is what she stopped to retrieve.

You can read more about this beautiful property in Galen Moses' article Our Sunnyside Campus Expands or perhaps you might walk there someday.

--Carolyn Suffern