Changes Coming to Sunnyside-Times - in 4 DAYS !!

On Saturday, March 5, we will be changing how we manage and support, our resident website.  The goal is to significantly improve how we build and maintain the website, which is mostly behind the scenes.  From the readers’ perspective, the primary initial change will be a MUCH faster response.  The header will also appear different, but the same menu items will still be there in the same place, so navigating the site should be familiar except for slideshows, which will now show much larger images and allow the users to navigate through the show at their own speed.  The new site is also designed to be “mobile friendly” – meaning that it should be much more readable on things like phones and notepads.

The first time you visit the new site on a new device, you will be required to log in using your name and the same password (‘Sunny’).  After the first login, it will remember your login and should not bother you again for several months.

Once we have switched to the new site, we want to continue to work on improving the quality in a number of ways.  We will create more articles describing what is happening as we move forward.  Once thing we do need, however, is more help.  There are a substantial number of needs where you can help make Sunnyside-Times a better resource for our community.  You do NOT need technical nor writing skills to help – though if you do, that would really be great!

Look for the new site.  Coming Soon.  Let us know what you like/don’t like about it