Ludd’s 3972…3975 Polaris All Terrian Vehicle

These things are very popular in the rural retreats of America... multifunctional for work or play and the solution for people who are too lazy to walk to the mail box. Known as "side by sides" they are easy to justify because they are in reality a "SHRUNKEN JEEP"... they are of course four-wheel drive with a 40 horse power engine and easily capable of 50 miles per hour. Very common to see them on the highway in West Virginia, the cops pay no attention to them ... must be legal as long as you stay off the interstate and stay in West Virginia.

I am a really good salesman... when we first got married 40 years ago, I talked my new bride into US / WE buying a helicopter! It was a beautiful little HUGHES completely restored, painted corvette pepper gray... we only kept it about a year because the insurance was outrageous! I think my argument / justification was... we can be on the outer banks beach in half an hour... but neither of us care much for the beach.

My argument for the Polaris was "it has a snow blade"! and the bed on the back dumps! and it has windshield wipers! and it has a light bar! She had one question... are we taking it to Sunnyside? A large Grinch Smile crossed my face and I countered with if you want to! Might be fun chasing deer on the golf course... at 50 miles per hour. But no, it is not for such irresponsible behavior, this is a farm / ranch, work and labor saver. Peggy misses her little red Jeep... maybe this will be a substitute for those days when she has an urge to yank it down into GOAT gear and go exploring the other side of out back where mama smokey and the cubs are picking blue and black berries. Question is: How fast can a mad mama Bear run when chasing a green side by side?