Meet Dick and Martha Kleckner

What a delight to visit with Dick and Martha Kleckner, who moved to 1335 Glenside Drive in mid-February from their retirement home at Smith Mountain Lake in Moneta. Well, I say “moved in” in “quotes” - some of their family heirlooms coming from California hasn’t yet arrived!  Moving to Sunnyside with them are their dog, Mazy, age 13, and their cat, Molly, also age 13. 

Dick is  retired from the U.S. Geological Survey's National Mapping Division in Reston, Virginia with 30 years of service.  Martha served for many years as the church administrator at Riverside Presbyterian Church while their two sons were growing up.  Jesse is married to Holly and they live in Winchester.  Tyler and his girlfriend, Megan, live in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Over the years Dick has been active in his community, serving for three years on a local Department of Social Services Administrative Board and another three years as chair.  He has been active in church work, including developing a shepherd’s program to welcome and mentor newcomers to the church, participating in and leading a monthly men’s breakfast, as well as a variety of other lay Christian ministries.  At Smith Mountain Lake both Dick and Martha were very active in the Trinity Ecumenical Parish.

Martha loves gardening and has already worked with her sister, Kathy, who lives in Harrisonburg, in a garden at Trinity Presbyterian Church here in Harrisonburg.   She loves to read and to travel, but most of her travel right now will be local so she and Dick can learn more about the area.  This travel might also be on the back burner for a bit as she recuperates from recent knee replacement surgery.  Martha loves crafts and has made and sold some lovely glass flowers at various fairs and shows.

Dick is a golfer and has also begun biking thanks to his brother-in-law Yogi.  He enjoys working out at our new Broaddus Vitality Center.  Both he and Martha are looking forward to exploring volunteering opportunities in the area.

Dick and Martha enjoyed talking about a longstanding family tradition of making apple butter.  Close to 25 family members typically gather annually for three days to make this delicacy in a 45-gallon kettle.  They do not sell their apple butter, but swear it’s without equal!  Actually they’re proud to say they know that one jar was served in a great restaurant in the Virgin Islands!

Please welcome the Kleckners to Sunnyside as you meet them around the campus!