Have You Met ... ?

Len and Dale Tulio

Welcome to Len and Dale Tulio, who recently moved to Hickory Cove from Sanford, North Carolina. Sanford, noted for its golf courses, was a stop on their way to Sunnyside.

Previously, the couple lived and worked in Quakerstown, Pennsylvania where they raised their five children. Both were health and physical education teachers and considered themselves a “soccer family.” As if this weren’t enough activity, Dale started a daycare and learning center called the “Little Caboose,” and Len built a construction business, forming a crew with five fellow teachers who specialized in remodeling and building additions to homes in the area.

The Tulios chose Sunnyside because it was a geographical hub for the homes of their children – in West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania – guaranteeing them frequent visits. They have seventeen grandchildren and follow each one closely.

Here are two secrets: the family has always loved roller coasters! And Len is such a good carpenter that he makes furniture for their children – “desks, beds, chairs …. just functional things” he says! --Martha Merz