Car Care for Dummies

Welcome to Car Care for Dummies!

My goal is to have a column that is about car care and operation that, much like the computer column in the DNR, would change from time to time. I welcome your input as to the frequency of new subjects ( weekly, monthly) I do not wish to interact with the readers in response to their questions or comments but to give references (web sites, publications, etc.) that could provide specific information relative to the reader’s questions.

I plan to address the purchase/lease process, fuel and other fluids, general maintenance and repairs to name a few subjects. I will not recommend any particular brand or dealership. One of my main references will be Consumer Reports which is a not-for-profit organization that has been testing and reporting on cars and related subjects for over 75 years. They accept no monies from the auto industry and forbid the use of any of their recommendations by auto producers, suppliers, etc. They have successfully litigated and won all cases where their testing results have been used in auto advertisements. I plan to include a little humor in the column (blog) in order to keep it light but informative.


Charlie Lotts

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