Miss Virginia Fly-Over Comes to Sunnyside !

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Sunnyside’s nurses were honored in a special way by a local aviation company.  Dynamic Aviation, a family-owned and operated company in Bridgewater, flew their historic plane, the DC-3 Miss Virginia, over the Sunnyside campus on Florence Nightingale’s birthday – Tuesday, May 12.  The plane circled the campus several times at about 1000 feet and waved its wings as a salute to our nurses. 

Miss Virginia began life with the Army Air Force in 1944 and retired from military service in 1975.  From there, the plane entered civilian life with Wycliffe Bible Translators and Jungle Aviation and Radio Service (JAARS) and spent many years in the jungles of Columbia.  The plane was purchased in 1990 by Dynamic Aviation, who modified it for mosquito and gypsy moth spraying.  The plane was retired again in 1999 and its restoration began in 2010.  Today, Miss Virginia can be seen at events around the country.

Residents, nurses, and other staff went outside, cheered, waved, and looked up for Dynamic Aviation’s DC-3 Miss Virginia as it flew over our campus.  What a wonderful tribute to our hard-working staff here at Sunnyside.  Thank you, Dynamic Aviation!

--Linda Bradley