Do You Need Help??

OK, first - our on-campus phone number is 8911. Remember that. It’s important.
My wife Pat plays bridge twice a week with some folks in the Highlands. I usually drive her up from our cottage in her fancy-schmancy golf cart, carrying her walker on the back and then, when she’s done (usually around 9 PM), she calls me and I drive back up to pick her up. So, last week she finished playing and picked up the phone to call me to come and get her. Her finger slipped...

Missed the “8” in our phone number. A woman answers the phone: “911, how can I help you?” So, Pat profusely apologized, explained what she’d done, said nothing was wrong. Hung up. Called me. I came and got her.

About 20 minutes later the phone rings here at home. It’s the nurse in the Highlands, saying that there’s a police officer standing in her office wanting to make sure there wasn’t some emergency!

Wow. Now THAT’S diligence!! --Jim Kellett