Over Sunnyside, Birds Fly

--by Kat Marlowe

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Have you taken a walk around campus lately?  Did you hear the birds?  The next time you are out walking, look for the wonderful assortment of birds on our campus.

Bluebirds fly.  Bluebirds like rainbows.  They also like… you have got to be kidding me! They like mealy worms?  I think I will stick to suet cake and fresh fruit!

Robins like rainbows too, but they like fresh worms better.  Robins like to wear their red vests.  Picky robins; only fresh fruit and worms for them.

KNOCK!!!!! A Pileated Woodpecker!  I wonder if he takes some aspirin when he goes home.  Maybe some sunflower seeds and suet cake will make a headache happy.

Cardinals, what can you say?  They are beautiful, hanging in there in the winter.  Lady Cardinal thinks Sir Cardinal is a perfect gentleman.  He brings her sunflower seeds, peanuts and berries.

Two Brown Thrashers.  Sit, listen.  This bird knows how to sing.  He has a playlist of over 1,000 songs.  Feed them some small insects, fruits, and nuts.  Maybe they will put on a concert.

Oh, look!  An American Goldfinch!  He must have done laundry today.  He is wearing sunshine.  They look for seed heads to munch on the seeds.  Leave those echinacea for them.  They like salad greens, too, especially beet greens. Mmm.  Right up there with mealyworms...