Easy Money, Free Stuff

I surf the web a lot.  As a result I frequently see opportunities to get rich.  Regrettably most of the opportunities are only for those who claim to make you rich.

Be especially wary of the videos that show several "ordinary" people and how they made a lot of money using an undefined method that you have to sign up for.  You'll be spending undefined amounts of your money with little or no return.

Another form of "come-on" is the almost endless verbal drivel that ultimately asks you to sign up - with your credit card number.  Usually this will not be a single purchase.  It will result in a costly monthly subscription that you likely will have little or no use for.  Similarly, you may just find almost endless text driving to the same end - getting you to sign up for a subscription with your credit card.

And don't fall for the "free trial".  You may get the free item, but not without giving your credit card number.  Once they have your number, you're in for a subscription.  Read the fine print.
Oh, and you think you can get a refund.  If you can, it won't be easy.  Nor will you be able to cancel easily.  The fine print may preclude it.  Or they'll use delaying tactics to try to wear you out. 
The upshot of all this is that if it sounds too good to be true, it will be.  If it takes twenty minutes of drivel or text before something useful is asserted, it will be a hoax.  Nothing is really free.  Keep your wits.  You weren't born yesterday.