Swiss Rockingham

Twinkle, Twinkle little house
Tucked into a snowy landscape as quiet as a mouse
Alpine village lying neath the looming Massanutten’s protection
Nestled down into a wintry glen until spring’s resurrection.

Exposed in a bird's-eye view from a villa’s balcony
Sparkling, blinking with constant alchemy
Lit in a flare by a full moon ruling the early night sky
Full blazing, hanging like a Swiss lantern to adorn
As if to light the way to Matterhorn.

At dusk, count 30 lights snapping on, one by one, in the Rockingham village below
Hemmed in by the Blue Ridge massif in the far distance, and piles of snow
Crisp mountain air arriving in biting gulps of winter
As the clear sky unveils a white dot with a flashing red epicenter.

Can that be a northbound jet on a mission of no return?
Or the appearance of mighty Jupiter blotting out neighboring Saturn?
Planet king on its wintry journey across the timeless skies.  Oh yes!