Thumbs Up

By Jim Hogan -- Photos by Mary Rouse

My wife and I were walking the campus yesterday and ran into Mary Rouse busily taking pictures of the scenery and activity around the campus. We reviewed her photos, and it was apparent a large number of people are needed to make a better life for all of us at Sunnyside. We saw employees and staff members coming and going at shift change, maintenance people working around the campus or in vehicles, and staff people delivering food. It is comforting to know we have an army of people helping out, especially during this deadly virus situation.

We observed several vehicles, from pick-up trucks to semis cruising our campus, bringing in needed supplies, or providing construction help for new facilities. We wondered what we could do to acknowledge their contribution to our overall welfare?

    Let’s give a ‘Thumbs Up’ to all the people we see who are contributing to our welfare. We are sure they will appreciate the recognition.

Thumbs up to all! ????