A Bear Needs a Bench

Sunnybear: Mamabear! Come on out! It is such a bear-happy day! Let’s so exploring! Mamabear: You’re gonna have to wait. I haven’t finished my coffee yet, and Babybear is still asleep. Sunnybear: Sleep! I have all winter to sleep!
Sunnybear: This is new! The ma’ams and sirs would like this. They can have bear-happy days, too! Mamabear: I wonder why the sirs put a seat right out in the open? I would like it a bit closer to the trees.
Sunnybear: Sir, do you know where these seats came from? Jeremy: Bears! Bears don’t belong at Sunnyside! They belong out in the woods! Mamabear: Well!! Not just any old bear can come to Sunnyside! We are the Sunnybear family. This is Sunnybear and this is Babybear. I am Mamabear, and Mr. Josh said we could live here. Our den is in the woods. It is so beautiful here and we like to explore.
Jeremy: Well, if Josh said you can stay, it must be ok. Huh! Bears living at Sunnyside. What next? Anyway, I know someone put these benches here, but it was all decided before I came to Sunnyside. Maybe you should ask Josh. He should know. I’m Jeremy. Good to meet you - I think!
Sunnybear: Sir Josh! What are all the green benches for? Who put them there? We like to sit on them. Josh: Well, Sunnybear, we think Sunnyside is a great place to live and we don’t want anyone who runs into trouble to have to move away. We thought we would get the benches and let the residents buy them to remember someone by. That way, we have money to help those who need it. Mamabear: Oh, that’s nice. I wonder if I could get a bench where I can sit and remember Papabear. Sunnybear: Oh, Mamabear. We will find a special place to think about Papabear. Mr. Josh, can we get one of those benches for our den? Josh: Well, let me think. I know just the bench for you. Climb the hill and look in the woods. There is a bench that would be just right for a bear family. Babybear: Let’s go look! Hmm, will the bears find the bench? Where do you think it might be? This sure sounds like something Mr. Andy would know about.