A Letter from Sunnybear

Sir Josh, We want you to know we are happy to be at Sunnyside. We feel very lucky you gave us permission to live here.

We thought we were the only bears who had permission to be at Sunnyside. BUT, I saw a new bear at Sunnyside! Where did he come from? Did he ask permission?

He is not obeying the rules! He helps himself to bear caviar! You told me to leave the bear caviar alone. Well, that has been really hard, but I have not touched any of the caviar holders. (Sometimes, when there is a bit on the ground, I just can’t help myself.)

That bear is in Sunnybear territory! He may be a very nice bear (somehow, I don’t think so), but Sunnyside already has three bears (1. Me; 2, Mamabear; and 3, Babybear).

I am so happy that you have asked everyone to help make this bear find his own Sunnyside! Even if it makes it hard to find bear caviar on the ground. Besides, he is not a nice bear. He was looking at Mamabear, and I did not like it! Sir Josh, you are good enough to be a Bear. Thank you for keeping Sunnyside safe from that (well, to be nice) stray bear!

If you see him, please tell him that he needs to leave immediately. Thank you. Very much.

Your Sunnyside bear, Sunnybear (with help from Kat Marlowe)