It’s still winter. All bears are sleeping soundly. Well, not ALL bears.
1. Babybear: Mamabear! Its light outside. I’m hungry. Chocolate! That’s what I need. Mamabear! Wake up! Wake up! I’m hungry! I need chocolate! Mamabear: Babybear, go back to sleep. Winter is not over yet. And you have had enough chocolate! Sunnybear: Zzzzz Snort! Zzzzz
2. Babybear: Huh! It’s light outside and I am hungry. I’m going to go find the chocolate place. They always have chocolate. Wow. It’s spring! Mamabear would love to see those flowers. Hmm. Maybe I better not wake her up again. She was GROUCHY!
3. Babybear: Hey! Sir! Do you know where the chocolate place is? It’s Sunny something. Mamabear loves the sparkly there and I love the chocolate! Can you show me the way? Len Tulio: Why, sure, Babybear. You must be talking about Sunny Treasures. Hop in and I will give you a ride over. Babybear: Oh! What is this called? Len Tulio: This is called a golf cart. They are fun to drive and they go anywhere. Babybear: Can bears have one? A big one. Sunnybear has to fit.
4. Babybear: Oh yes! This is it. But nobody is here! I’m so glad I could find a way in. Yes! Chocolate! Oh me. That is a long way to climb. But, I’m good at that. Sunnybear says bears don’t climb trees. But I showed him that I could!
5. Babybear: Oh, that was so good. I love chocolate! I don’t know which one I like most. Maybe I should try all of them!
6. Babybear: Mmmm. I think chocolate makes me sleepy. I’ll take just a little nap. ZZzzzz. Zzzzzz

Uh oh, Is Babybear going to get caught eating Sunny Treasures chocolate? How is he going to find his way home? Golf cart gone. Mamabear worried. Sunnybear aggravated cause he has to go find Babybear and bring him home!