Fall is Falling

Story by Kat Marlowe and photos by Bill Marlowe.

Babybear:Mamabear, Look up! Something is happening to the trees! They are all red- and yellow-brown.

Mamabear: Oh, Babybear, don't you remember when this happened a while ago? This means winter is coming! Then it will be time to sleep.

Babybear: What's "member," Mamabear? What's winter mean? I'm not sleepy!

Mamabear: Oh, you silly Babybear. Winter comes after the leaves turn red- and yellow-brown. When they are finished, it is winter.
Babybear: Look at all these nuts! Where did they come from? Can I take some back to our home?

Mamabear: If you can, that would be good.
Babybear: Ow! That nut falled down and hit me on my head!

Mamabear: You funny Babybear.  Now you know why the Sirs and Ma’ams call it “Fall.”
Babybear: That was an OUCH, Mamabear!

Mamabear: Oh, Babybear, are you ok? I am sorry I laughed. You looked just like a funny Babybear.

Babybear: Mamabear, am I still a baby bear?