Hearts ?

... with help from Kat Marlowe

Mamabear: Babybear, what are you doing outside! You get your furry bottom back in here! Its winter! Not time to be outside.
Babybear: But Mamabear, look what I found! It was almost like a sparkly tree, but it had this on it. Do you know what it is?
Mamabear: It sure is bright. Maybe Sunnybear knows what it is. Sunnybear! Wake up! Do you know what this is?Sunnybear: Aw, Mamabear, it's winter!
Mamabear: Well, yes, I know that. But Babybear found a new kind of sparkly. Do you know what it is?Sunnybear: It sure is bright. Hm. I saw something like that on some of the Sirs' and Ma’ams' doors. I wanted to get you one, but I thought it might be like bear caviar.
Mamabear: But, what is it for?Babybear: I know, I know! Mamabear, put it around you! It is just about as pretty as the flowers I gave you.
Sunnybear: Oh, bear! Oh, Mamabear! Babybear: You look bear-beautiful, Mamabear.  It makes me have that sparkly feeling in my tummy again.