Sunnybear Discovers the Bistro

... with help from Kat Marlowe

Sunnybear: This is new! It says I am Welcome. I wonder what Bistro means. I’ll go find out!
Sunnybear: : What is this! They want me to come in! It looks like they might have good stuff. I think I will see if I can get some hunny!

Sunnybear: Hello, nice ma’am. I saw your Welcome sign. Can I have a bowl of your best hunny? Waitress ma’am: Oh, No, there is a bear in here!!!
Waitress ma’am: You are a bear! Bears don’t live at Sunnyside! Where did you come from? We don’t have bear honey! Sunnybear: What? No hunny? There has to be hunny!
Sunnybear: I am just so upset! How could they not have hunny!?! And I do too live at Sunnyside! So do Mamabear and Babybear. GRUMBLE, Grumble, grumble.
Sir Ray: Sir Sunnybear, I am so sorry for the misunderstanding. You are welcome here. Everyone is! I found this bottle of honey hiding in the back. I hope it suits your palate. Sunnybear: It has a beautiful color! I am sure it will be excellent.
Sunnybear: MMMmmm! This is soooo good. Ahhh, I like this Bistro place. I am just so Bear Happy!