The Teddy Bear Picnic

Sunnybear: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care--it's enough to boggle a bear's brain!

Mary Rouse: Well, good morning, Sunnybear. How would you and Mamabear and Babybear like to go to a Teddybear Picnic? A lot of bears will be there. It will be in the Bethesda Theater on Feb. 6, 2018.

Mamabear: Oh, that is sooo pretty! Is this what a picnic looks like? It's nice!

Sunnybear: Wow! Look at all those gold fish! Yummy, yum, yum!

Mamabear: This looks like a good place to have our picnic.

Babybear: Oh! Mamabear, look at those bears! I am bigger than they are! Can I go say hi!

Mamabear: I don't know, Babybear. I never went to a Teddybear Picnic before.

Sunnybear: Ohh Ho! Is that bear a she? I think so! She is so pretty! And I love her ribbon.

Mamabear: Now, wait a minute, Sunnybear. Take it easy!

Babybear: Sunnybear, what is that Ma'am drinking? Can we have some?

Sunnybear: Hmm, I think that must be picnic juice. Huh, is that why this is a Teddybear Picnic?

Babybear: Oh, Mamabear! Those bears are my size. I know they will want to play with me. Mamabear! I want to go play with those bears! Now!

Mamabear: Now, don't get all upset, Babybear. We just need to wait and see.

Babybear: Oh, look! It looks like that little bear must be really special!

Mamabear: It sure does. That Ma'am sure does seem to like it!

Babybear: Oh, Sunnybear! Is that really a bear? He's saying Hi to us.

Sunnybear: He must be a bear. He is at a Teddybear Picnic.

Sunnybear: Let's ask her! See how sweet she is holding that baby bear.

Mamabear: Well, she looks very nice, but let's wait and see.

Sunnybear: OK, Misters and Ma'ams. This little guy and I are ready to picnic!

Sunnybear: Hmm. Where's the honey?!

Babybear: Look, Mamabear, Sunnybear! Everyone is watching the pictures! Hey, Sunnybear, that looks like you!

Sunnybear: Are you sure? He looks awful big to me!

Mamabear: Oh, look! I remember her! She was so kind to us when we went shopping!

Sunnybear: You went shopping? When did you do that? Is that where you got all your sparkly?

Mamabear: Oh, yes! We should go again. Babybear had so much fun!

Mamabear: Oh, that was such a nice Teddybear Picnic!

Sunnybear: They shoulda had more honey!

-- Kat Marlowe and Mary Rouse