The Trees Are Hurt

1.Babybear: Oh, no! What happened to the trees? Oh, tree, what happened to you? I have to tell Sunnybear right away! He will help you.
2.Babybear: Sunnybear, Sunnybear, oh, help me! We have to fix the trees. Something happened to them! They got hurt! Sunnybear: A fire! We gotta run! Where’s Mamabear? Babybear: No! No fire. Not that hurt. But the trees are broken hurting.
3.Sunnybear: Oh, no! What happened to the trees!? We have to go tell Sir Josh! He will be so sad. And Sir Andy! He loves the trees! Babybear: Sir Robert can fix them! I hope he can. Sunnybear: There’s more! And the grass is black! Those machines did it! We have to get them gone.
4.Josh: Babybear, I am so glad you came to ask. Let me tell you about the new Wellness Center! We need to build this place where people can come when they get sick and need help. The trees were where the building is going to go. But, and I promise you, we will plant a lot of new trees for the ones that came down.
5.Babybear: Sunnybear? I liked the old trees. I wish they were still here. But I guess the Sirs and Ma’ams need a place to go when they don’t feel good. They are so nice to us. Sunnybear: I know, Babybear. But seeing the new trees growing will be good. Babybear: I like trees to grow. Maybe Sir Josh will let me help find some trees. Maybe he will name one Babybear! Let’s go ask!

--Babybear, with help from Kat Marlowe