Trees in the Sunnyside Forest

Sunnybear has been looking at all the trees in this new place where he thinks his family can have a home. He is trying to find just the right one for a front yard. Then, he sees something really odd..
Orange things? What are these orange things around the trees? What do they mean? Who put them there? Was it Mr. Andy? Or maybe that guy called Josh. I’m going to go find out!
Sunnybear wants to help! Are you Mr. Andy? I can help, Mr. Andy! Mr. Andy, is this how I am supposed to hold it? I’ll be real still while you put the sign in the ground!
Ready to go. Be careful, Mr. Andy! Just hit the post! Mamabear will get real upset with me if I get a knot on my head!
The perfect place! This is a good spot for this sign, Mr. Andy. I wonder if anyone knows where we are..
Sign done! This is MY tree. Trees are great! This place is nice. Maybe it will be our new home? I will have to find another tree for it.
A job well done! Mr. Andy, who is your helper today? You two are doing a great job! Well, Mr. Bill, this here is Sunnybear. I think he likes trees. He sure is a good helper.