Handmade Birdhouses

Here is another article we are highlighting from the Tips and Tales Archives. Galen Moses is moderating this column, and we hope to share a “new” past article on a regular basis. Galen’s comments are in bold italics. We hope you enjoy a look back to the past!

From the August 2009 Tips and Tales

Jim Arrington likes to build unusual and good-looking birdhouses for his and Gretchen’s Sunnyside yard. He paints them cheerful colors, puts them on a tall post and hopes the birdies will be attracted. So far, it is beginning to work. Working in his garage workshop (his “Man Cave”), he likes to follow patterns, cut out the complicated parts from lumber, and do unusual techniques, such as sawing and gluing curvy pieces together, scoring plywood in order to make it arc, and bending wood using a weight device. Stop by when you want to take a closer look, and he and Gretchen will show them to you. Lately he has been working on a different sort of hummingbird feeder. This he will add to the hand-built bird feeder and suet rack.

> Gretchen and Jim Arrington

Follow-Up, July 2018:  Gretchen notes that Jim has moved from woodworking equipment to gardening tools and now grows a substantial number of roses.