Windows 11? Not Yet

You may have seen or heard that there is a new version of the Windows operating system now available called Windows 11 and wonder if this is something you need. There are several reasons the Tech Forum recommends not upgrading to Windows 11 at this time.

You might not be able to upgrade Windows 11 requires newer hardware, so if your computer is more than a year old, it is likely it will not be able to be upgraded. You don’t need to worry, as Windows 10 will be supported until 2025.

Wait for Windows 11 to be tested more It is always a good idea to wait a few months until some of the bugs in a new operating system are worked out. If you want to upgrade, we suggest you wait until around February, 2022. Also note, you can only roll back to Windows 10 easily if you do it within ten days of upgrading to Windows 11; after that time, you will need to do a clean install (erase all your data) to go back to Windows 10.

Some older software will not work in Windows 11 There will always be some software that will not work when you upgrade an operating system and Microsoft is also not automatically loading some free software, such as 3D viewer, Paint 3D and Skype. If you like your currently software, you should check it will work under Windows 11 without having to purchase a new version.

You are happy with your current computer set up If you are good with how your computer works now, you should stay with what you are using. At this stage, if it ain’t broke, don’t upgrade.

If you have any questions or concerns about your computer and Windows 11, please contact a member of the Geek Squad, either through Res Apps/Technical Assistance/Need Tech assistance? Or by calling 8200.