This month marks the two-year mark for changes and challenges brought forth by COVID-19.  Our lives have been challenged in many ways other than wearing the dreaded masks.  Coping with the changes we have been forced to deal with has brought frustrations, loneliness, creativity and some interesting reactions by us older folks who thought "we had seen it all."

        Very recently we have experienced a little glimmer of spring and a lifting of some restrictions.  Thus, more interaction of residents has become more open.  One of the favorite topics of conversation seems to be about how others have been impacted by the Pandemic and the challenges experienced.  

        Read on to get a sense of how your fellow residents have responded.  If you would like to, send me your own stories or responses at

Out of the fog, metaphorically speaking, comes change.

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2022 is shaping up to be the Year of Inflation

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Pore over the intriguing Road Scholar catalogs that come in the mail.

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