Sunnyside Times Leader Needed!

   Since the founding of Sunnyside Times over six years ago, the helm has been ably manned by Linda Bradley.  Linda is now going to become Editor Emerita, so we are currently seeking people to help run Sunnyside Times and Sunnyside Times Unplugged. If you are interested in joining a vibrant group of enthusiasts, we are looking for:

  • Someone who would help oversee the running of the website/paper, providing leadership and administration to the editors, writers and technical staff
  • Someone who will reach out to the Sunnyside residents, looking for content for the website/paper and also for those interested in contributing

The position does not require writing, editing, or any specific technical skills although if the person enjoys these, they are welcome to work in those areas as well.

  If you are interested in participating to improve our community through the vital Sunnyside website and Sunnyside Times Unplugged, please contact Colleen Cahill-Landis at  We are also looking for writers, editors, and website technicians who would be interested in joining our team.