Cookies and Concerts at the Highlands

Or I had over 1100 cookies in my house and never gained a pound!

By Colleen Cahill-Landis

We are all dealing with issues in this locked down world, and morale can be a very big one. Many of us are concerned about the residents in the Highlands, who have little opportunities to socialize and cannot even see each other at mealtimes right now. An inspiration struck both the Sunnyside staff and the Resident Council almost simultaneously to have an outdoor concert at the Highlands, where the music makers would perform on the 3 sides of the Highlands so the residents could listen from their balconies. Such a good idea cannot help but happen! Layna Emey (Sunnyside Independent Living Events Coordinator) and Annie Shaffer (Sunnyside Wellness Center Director) set up the concerts with Jason Boggs (Sunnyside Director of Environmental Services) and Paula Greenhagen (Sunnyside Vice-President of Employee Relations) providing the musical talent. After a bit of worry about the weather, the concerts went off without a hitch. The musicians played about 15 minutes on first the front side of the Highlands, then moved to the courtyard and finally played to the balconies facing the Glen. Highland residents could enjoy the show by coming out on their balconies. The residents took on two tasks; to make and display encouraging signs at the concert, letting Highland’s residents know how much they are in all our thoughts and to provide bags of cookies for enjoying at the concert and other times. Patricia Harkins organized the sign makers and the sign holders. Not only did they cheer on the Highlands residents with the signs, but the at the end of the concert the signs were turned to spelled out “LOVE YOU”. This crew did an excellent job!

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Sign makers and Sign Holders for the Highlands Concert
Ralph Allen Rebecca Grow
Anita Brechtel Patricia Harkins
Judy Bukauskas Tom Harkins
Chris Carniglia Barbara Mancini
Doug Davis Charlie Scott
Lorraine Davis John Smith
Nancy Fundinger Rebecca Grow
Joel Grow Carol Anne Van Duyn

The cookie makers also showed get spirit, as when all the donations were gathered, there were over 1100 cookies for the Highlands! Barbara Mancini and I coordinated the cookie makers, but the real work was done by our marvelous bakers. The cookie abundance was packaged and a label added noting the locations and times of the concerts, as well as a message of love.

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Cookie Makers Wall of Fame
Karen Allen Lynda Gibbs Nancy Myers
Marilyn Alley Edie Hanscom Mary Noffsinger
Joanne Bell Gina Holden Ruth Poole
Linda Bradley Judie Hutton Frances Sales
Colleen Cahill-Landis Jane Lotts Sherry Satin
Sandra Casselli Barbara Mancini Mary Scott
Judy Dent Sally Meeth Beverly Silver
Ruth Fekete Terry Morris  

While the weather was hot, the rain held off and all agreed the event was wonderful. This is a special thanks to all who made this possible and also to say again to the Highlands residents that we love you!