Sunnyside-Times Overview of Documentation

The documents available under SYS_ADMIN constitute the primary documentation for building and deploying Sunnyside-Times. This summary serves as an introduction to each of the files available and their general content.

NOTE: At the time of this writing, the use of Google Drive is still under development and is incompletely (or not at all) described. All pages are obviously still a work in progress. The notation Incomplete indicates that they are particularly weak.

The broad organization is into four categories:

  1. Website Management - procedures and actions needed to manage the overall site.
  2. Content Management - procedures and actions for creating content on the site.
  3. Site Administration - procedures and actions for operating the site
  4. Reference - information derived from current site content useful to the above.
Website Management Category

This is the highest level of overview of the site and should be read by all significant users.

Website Management

Incomplete Generally and intro to areas of effort in maintaining the website

Website Source Management

Incomplete This user guide captures the operating procedures and other information used to manage the workflow of website source documents including text, photos, and uploadable/downloadable content.

Content Management Category

These pages address the elements of creating specific content for the site.

WORD-based Source Documents

WORD documents are considered to be the primary source of content. This page describes the overall process for creating and publishing a document.

WORD-based Source Control

Incomplete This describes the process for using Google Drive to manage source documentation.


This contains the available shortcodes that can be added to a document and how to use them.

Multi-story Pages

This describes the process of organizing/laying out pages that contain multiple stories or parts of stories generally found elsewhere on the site.

Site Administration Category

This contains the operating procedures used by Support to manage the site on a daily basis.

WP Import

(to be removed after going live) This gives the process for importing the existing Wordpress site.

System Commands

This describes the commands to the site creation software (Nikola) to do the actual work of managing the site.

Manage User Logins

This describes the process of adding/deleting users and updating their passwords or other credentials.


These pages are created automatically from the content on the existing site and are intended to support editors or others needing to deal with the overall site organization and structure.

Photo Usage Data

This is primarily a summary of the counts of images in various categories and, more importantly, a list of all photos on the site that are unused anywhere.

Pages to Photos

This is map that relates individual pages to the photos they reference.

Sorted Page List

This is a hierarchically organized list of all pages sorted alphabetically by their pathnames.

Sorted Terminal Folders

This is a list of all folders on the site that have contents of pages (or pages and other folders) sorted alphabetically and giving the count of number of content entries (pages and folders) and the parent paths.