Creating Pages Using MS Word Documents

Sunnyside Times can use input in the form of an MS Word document to create web pages. The document may contain shortcodes to provide additional information. It may also use some Word style information such as bold and italics.

This page describes the process for creating a story such as would occur in Resident Told Stories (or other) beginning with a Word source document.

Process Summary

The steps for creating a page beginning from Word are:

  1. Create a regular Word document with the content and relevant annotations such as pictures or title information.
  2. Determine the name for the document and its placement in the file system.
  3. Create photos and slideshows referenced in document. Generally, provide captions for individual photos in the shortcode. For a gallery, it is easiest to provide caption and ordering information externally and let support make the necessary additional files.
  4. If the article is to appear on Page One or Page Two, provide instructions to Support.
Creating the Word Source

Create the text content for the document. Use headings (not title), bold, and italics as desired.

Insert author, title, and photo information shortcodes at the appropriate location in the document. The easiest way to do this is copy/paste an existing shortcode instance and modify it as necessary.

Insert Title, Byline, Photo Byline

All these items use the same ("meta_info") shortcode and are generally added at the top. of the document.

{{% meta_info info_type="title" %}}xxxTITLExxx{{% /meta_info %}}

{{% meta_info info_type="byline" %}}xxxAUTHORsxxx{{% /meta_info %}}

{{% meta_info info_type="photo" %}}xxxPHOTOGRAPHERsxxx{{% /meta_info %}}

Insert Single Photo

Insert photos using the "singlepic" shortcode:

{{% singlepic image="xxxIMAGExPATHxxx" width="400px" height="300px" alignment="center" caption="" title="" has_borders="False" %}}

The image path is a path name beginning with "/image" (e.g., "/image/Art/artist/myphoto.jpg"). If it is an existing image, it should be able to be found on the website under SYS_ADMIN/PAGES TO PHOTOS. If it is an image to be inserted, identify the containing folder and provide a unique name within that folder. If a new folder is to be created, identify the parent folder and provide the new folder name and photo name.

Other attributes such as width or alignment are optional. They may be removed from the shortcode for readability but that is not necessary.

Insert Slide Show

A slide show is the most complex entry as it requires an additional file for description of things like the captions and slide ordering. The easiest way to deal with a gallery is to provide an independent written summary of what is needed along with the photos to be included in the gallery.

On the system, a gallery is a separately named folder. Images within galleries are separate from individual images used with singlepic, so if an image is to occur in both a gallery and as a singlepic, it is duplicated in the system.

Reference galleries in the Word document with the "gallery" shortcode:

{{% gallery gallery_name %}}