Tips and Tales

"Tips & Tales" was an Irregularly Published Independent Screed Produced by and for the Residents of Sunnyside for Sharing News and Information about and of Interest to Them

A bit of history: in 2008, the Communications Committee, under the leadership of Whit Scully, proposed to the Resident Council that a periodic newsletter sharing stories, news, suggestions all created by your neighbors would be a good way to build our community. The Resident Council agreed, and in June of 2009 the first issue, with the title "Name This Newsletter" on the masthead was published! That first issue also sought suggestions for a 'real' name, and from the many suggestions the name "Tips & Tales", proposed by Lee Morrison, was adopted.

It would be nice to acknowledge and thank the dozens and dozens of Sunnysiders who've contributed to the newsletter, but that would take pages. Dozens of your neighbors were contributors - some with regular columns! - though. A few 'founders" should be mentioned. For example, the two managers (or editors), Pat Armstrong and Coni Dudley (Pat wrote many columns for years, including "Meet Your Neighbor"); our "poet laurate", Frank Barch; Tommie Richardson and Richard Thomas who served as diligent proofreaders; Virginia Bethune who wrote many notes about music and recommendations for local businesses.

Tips and Tales Archive
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  Here are featured stories from Tips and Tales, some with new photos and all include an update by Galen Moses.
Tips and Tales Archives