Employee Christmas Fund Committee


The purpose of the Employee Christmas Fund Committee is to provide an opportunity for Sunnyside residents to express their appreciation to the Sunnyside Staff for their dedicated service throughout the year.

Fund Administration

The fund shall be administered by a committee consisting of the Vice-President and Treasurer of the Resident Council, and one individual appointed at the last Council meeting of the year to serve as chair of the committee. The duties of this committee shall be to publicize the Employee Christmas Fund, motivate residents, determine allocations of the funds and distribute the funds to the employees. Contributions for the Fund shall be received throughout the year at several locations on campus; boxes will be provided at these locations and so marked. The committee may determine additional means of collecting funds. The contributions will be deposited periodically by the Resident Council Treasurer. The treasurer will also report at each Council meeting the status of the account. All checks written from this fund will require two signatures: the Resident Council Treasurer and the Chair of the Employee Christmas Fund Committee.

Employee Gift Computation

Gifts will be given to all employees based on hours worked. The amount received by each employee will be based on the number of hours worked. Level 1 – 0 to 666 hours = 1 share Level II – 667 to 1332 hours = 2 shares Level III – 1333 to 1999 hours = 3 shares Level IV – 2000 + hours = 4 shares Contracted Service Providers will be placed on Level III (Beauticians, Physical Therapy and Security). The share amount is determined by the total amount collected divided by the total shares needed.

Employee Gift Eligibility

Eligible employees must be hired prior to October 1 of the year in which the gift is given. Modest gift may be given to employees hired after October 1. Any funds remaining after the share amount has been determined will be rolled over to the following year, or (if approved by the Resident Council) may be used for modest gifts for special occasions.

Employee Gift Distribution

Distribution of gifts will be made at the Employee Christmas Lunch/Dinner that is normally held in the middle of December.


Jim Stilwell, Committee Chairman, 437-8833 <stiljk@centurylink.net>