In the past month, the Green Committee of Sunnyside has begun surveying and renovating the old signs on many of the trees on the campus. Over 100 trees will receive either new signs or renovated older signs, many of which have been in place for over 25 years. Orange markers have been placed on many trees which are close to walking areas, easily seen by driving traffic or unique to the campus

Once all of the new targeted trees are accurately identified, their common names will be routed onto cedar wooden plaques, highlighted with black permanent magic marker. It is later planned to have each tree plaque numbered for a written pamphlet which will give the full Latin names so that residents and guests will be able to enjoy the diversity and beauty of the trees on the Sunnyside campus. Though all of the hundreds of campus trees are not to be identified, it is hoped that examples of most all of the common trees on campus will be represented.

Plans are also being laid for smaller signage treatment for the garden in front of Highland and around the Corson Center. Also, a more thorough nature walk is being envisioned in the woods behind Woodside Drive and possibly on the newly purchased Sunnyside acreage. For more information, contact the Green Committee chair, Sue Johnson, 568-8551.

--Andy Sale