Tea Time at Sunnyside

What is it about Sunnyside that keeps it a vibrant, thriving community? Well, there are a lot of things, really. But the one I am excited (hmm, I do seem to get excited!) about now is the Sunnyside Neighbors program, and all they do to welcome new residents into our midst. That was on full display on June 28, when the Sunnyside Neighbors Team hosted their second tea.

To back up just a bit. The Sunnyside Neighbors program was established in the Fall of 2016. The mission of the program is to encourage established independent Sunnyside residents to connect with new residents by sharing community information and creating friendships. Our goal is to develop a mentoring system for independent Sunnyside residents which encourages an intentional caring community.

OK, back to the tea. The Sunnyside Neighbors Team hosted their second tea for new residents. This team, Alex Banks, Linda Gibbs, Carolyn Arbuckle, Joanne Bell, and Kat Marlowe, with Leader Frances Sale, pooled a variety of talents and gifts to create an opportunity for new residents and their matched Neighbors to have a social time together. Please “attend” the tea by viewing this slide show!

All the new residents and their matched neighbors had a great time at the tea. The Neighbors program is a good way to meet new residents and encourage them to integrate into the community. If this sounds like something that calls to you, please call Frances Sale at 568-8433. The Team would love to have you! -- Kat Marlowe