Last month, the Sunnyside Tech Forum with support from the Resident Council conducted a survey of all residents seeking to understand how a variety of communication technologies are used on campus. A total of 254 surveys were completed and turned in by July 27 and the Tech Forum has been busy trying to understand the responses since. The survey primarily asked questions about the types of communications devices (e.g., phone, computers, TV's, ...) that residents have and whether they were comfortable using them. There were similar questions about many of the applications on those devices (e.g., Zoom, Community Apps, ...). The goal was to provide guidance to the Tech Forum and Resident Council about what residents found useful and where things can be improved.

The most significant findings were:

  • 971 is heavily used and quality and reliability are very significant issues.
  • Marketing calls and phone scams are major problems and there is a real need for ways to address them.
  • There is a need for more training on many devices and applications such as smart phones and Zoom.
  • The Funside is an important resource for residents and there is a wish for paper versions where they are not currently available.
  • There is some confusion about the relative roles of the Sunnyside Times, Community Apps, and the Funside.
  • Sunnyside needs to develop an effective policy for the use of voice assistants where HIPPA regulations are a significant factor.
Read the Full Report

To see the full report, you will need to link to it on the Tech Forum development site. When you click the Read Survey Results button below, you will be taken to a login page in a new tab where you can login using the same username and password you use for the regular Sunnyside-Times (your name and password: Sunny). Once you have logged in, you will be transferred to an unfamiliar page. You will need to close that browser tab which will return you to this page. Click the Read Survey Results a second time and you will be taken to the full report. When done, you can just close that page/tab and you will return to the regular Sunnyside-Times.
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