Travel to the Stars?

This is reshowing of the August 2018 Chapel Talk.

Tech Talk, 1 PM, Monday, July 12th Channel 971 Presenter: Bill Ingham

Since the dawn of the Space Age, NASA and other space agencies have launched dozens of space missions to explore the Moon, the planets (including Earth!), and other members of the solar system. The only manned missions that have gone beyond Earth’s orbit were the Apollo missions to the Moon. Why do Earthlings want to travel to the other planets and beyond them to other stars and their planets? What are some obstacles to interstellar travel? These and other questions will be addressed.

About the presenter: Sunnyside resident Bill Ingham earned his Ph.D. in astrophysics at MIT. He was a faculty member for 34 years at JMU, where he taught courses in physics, astronomy, and the history of science.