Resident Council Minutes - February 15, 2019

SUNNYSIDE RESIDENT COUNCIL Minutes of Meeting February 15, 2019

ATTENDEES:           Officers:              Carolyn Arbuckle, President                                                                                Tom Harkins, Vice President                                                                Marianne Hinkle, Secretary                                                                Kay Stilwell, Treasurer                                                                Jim Stilwell, Past President

                                  Highlands:          Sue Barranco, Chairman                                                                Barbara Kauffman, Vice Chairman                                                                Ann Foltz, Secretary                                                                Marlene Gillikin, Representative                                                                Shirley McCue, Representative

                                   Village:               Joanne Bell, Chairman                                                                Bill Compton, Vice Chairman                                                                Bill Marlowe, Secretary                                                                Sally Meeth, Treasurer                                                                Mary Yarnell, Representative

                                  Pannill:                Richard Williams, Representative*

                                  Eiland:                 Gini Reese, Representative

                                  Committees:       Bill Stoner, Employee Christmas Fund*                                                                Jim Kellett, Communications                                                                Sue Johnson, Green                                                                Kay Stilwell, Sunny Treasures                                                                Frances Sale, Neighbors

                                 Administration:  Josh Lyons, Executive Director

                                                             Absent                                                              *Report on File

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 10AM by President Carolyn Arbuckle who opened the meeting with a prayer.


The minutes of the November 16, 2018 meeting of the Resident Council were approved with name corrections. The minutes from the January 17, 2019 called meeting were also approved.

Financial Report

Treasurer Kay Stilwell reported that the current balance in the Employee Christmas Fund as $3171.83.**

Old Business

A motion was made and passed to approve the recommended change to                              Section 4 of the bylaws as requested by the Green Committee.

A report from the Tri-Community Meeting Committee was given by Tom Harkins.

It will include presentations on technology efforts at Sunnyside, the Neighbors Committee presentation as well as others to be determined. Gini Reese is working on the menu to include items for the social prior to the meeting and lunch items. The committee will increase the number of meetings in March to confirm plans.

As a follow-up to the called meeting on emergency preparedness procedures, a committee of residents and staff will be selected to work on this. Residents recommended by council for the committee are Ludford Creef, Ennis Van Duyne, Louis Bukauskus and Tom Harkins. Josh will set up the initial meeting to establish goals.

Carolyn shared statements from Charlie Lotts and Jim Nelson which stated that the treasures books for Sunny Treasures and the Employee Christmas Fund had been reviewed and no irregularities had been found.

New Business

Carolyn presented the slate of officers for 2019-2020 for approval by the council. No further nominations were made. A motion was made and passed to approve the following: Tom Harkins, President; Bill Compton, Vice President; Marianne Hinkle, Secretary; Sally Meeth, Treasurer; Jim and Kay Stilwell, Chairmen of the Employee Christmas Fund. Their terms will begin with the May Meetings.

A question regarding usage of the 25 passenger bus was brought up and Josh reported that it was used for 26 trips in 2018. Some residents thought it was not comfortable and that it could be sold and possibly charter a larger more comfortable bus for trips. Because it is parked in a visible spot, the perception is that it’s not being used. The topic would need to be looked into in more detail since the bus was purchased with funds raised and contributed to by Sunnyside residents. Sunnyside does need to charter a bus for out-of-state trips due to CDL requirements.

Carolyn Arbuckle welcomed Frances Sale, Neighbors Committee Chairman, to the Resident Council.

Committee Reports

Communications - The committee has taken the initiative in beginning the dialogue for the need of more in depth standard operating procedures for emergency  preparedness. The Sunnyside Times is showing increasing usage.

Sunny Treasures - Kay Stilwell reported that it takes more than 60 volunteers each month to help in the store and furniture sale. Furniture sales have been successful. The Committee is working to get signs at the corner of Woodside Drive and Sunnyside Dr. indicating shop location. They are also trying to get picture molding on the walls outside of the shop for art display. The council approved the distribution of Sunny Treasures Funds for 2019 which are given to various areas that are part of Sunnyside.**

Employee Christmas Fund - Kay Stilwell handed out information for Bill Stoner. A record $105,500 was collected and distributed to 339 Sunnyside Employees. The committee wanted to thank everyone for their generosity. He also distributed a breakdown of how the money was distributed among the employees. **

Green - Sue Johnson reported that the committee is currently in the process of reviewing The Virginia Forest Stewardship Plan for the Sunnyside Campus. They are scheduled to meet with the regional forester from the Va. Dept. of Forestry. The committee has begun a new initiative to assess the number, location and condition of all current bluebird houses on campus.**

Neighbors - Frances Sale reported that the Neighbors Team is composed of 6 residents and Robin Golliday. In 2018 they matched 46 new residents with 35 established residents. Three tours of the surrounding area and two teas were held. So far in 2019, seven new residents have been matched with seven established residents. The committee has been in operation for two years.**

Association Reports

Highlands - Sue Barranco reported that the renovation was moving along and the Highlands should be ready for the Tri-Community Meeting in June.

Village - Joanne Bell reported that the association election was scheduled for the next meeting in March. She would welcome suggestions for individuals to nominate. It was noted that the current vice chairman will be moving to Resident Council Vice President and will resign from the Village Association office so that others may be nominated for an elected office. This gives more individuals a chance to become involved in activities.

Eiland Center - Gini Reese reported that she was continuing to hold TED Talks on Saturday mornings at 10:00. 18 residents attended the last meeting and refreshments were served. They are holding Mix-It-Up Dinners for which AL residents sign up. It is held in the Bethel Room and gives residents the opportunity to sit with different folks than they usually eat with. They are not in a hurry to leave which indicates they enjoy a chance to interact with residents they don’t see often.

Pannill - It was suggested that Richard Williams, Pannill Center Representative be asked if he would like to participate in meetings remotely via an Amazon Echo voice activated device. He agreed and will now participate in Executive Committee and Resident Council Meetings.

Executive Report

Josh Lyons reported that Massanetta Springs Road will be closed in the near future due to widening of the road. Transportation will be doing tours to show residents alternate ways to detour. When the Highland renovation moves to the first floor there will be more resident interference, especially in the lobby and elevator areas. Plans are in place to improve building security at the Highlands with a way to lock doors after hours. The goal is an automated locking system. It will be tried in the Highlands as part of the renovation and possibly used in the Villas and other areas.

Josh presented a proposal for eliminating the Highlands Convenience Store since it has been there for a long time and is no longer economically self-sufficient. Items that are available in the store can be obtained now in a variety of other ways that residents are using. Some of the items can be made available in other areas such as the Market Place, front desk and clinic. Due to loss of the Florida Room in the renovation, this space could be used as additional space for various activities (wellness classes, meetings, etc.) . If the proposal receives good feedback, they will proceed with it. A concierge position will be developed to help residents In connection with the change.

Member Concerns

Jim Kellett mentioned the fact that no low carb or sugar free items are on the menu in the Bistro or Tartan Grill. He would like to see some made available. Tom Harkins mentioned the idea of banning bird feeders on campus to decrease bear visits. Josh agreed to run a test of banning bird feeders on the campus during the period April 1 to November 30. The results will be used to help in developing a policy a regarding bird feeders.

Adjournment      The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 AM.

Next Meeting - May 17, 2019 - 10:00 AM - Jefferson Room